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Author: Dythanos
Side: Both
Created: Jan 12th 2023 at 11:59 PM
Last modified: Jan 13th 2023 at 12:02 AM
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Latest file for v1.17.10: 1-click install

This mod adds three craftable compasses to the game. Originally created by Goxmeor!

Original Link: Compass — adds craftable compasses - Vintage Story Mod DB

Magnetic Compass

Crafted using 1 (fired) clay bowl, 1 magnetite nugget, and 1 stick. It always points north.

Alternate recipe: use 1 metal scrap instead of magnetite.

Origin Compass

Crafted using 1 Magnetic Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. It always points to the world's default spawn. If the default spawn has a radius, it points to the center of it. This will be the same spot for all players on the server.

Relative Compass

Crafted using 1 Origin Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. That means it'll cost 4 gears total. It remembers where it was crafted and always points to that spot.

Known Issues

Compasses don't point in the correct direction when dropped on the ground, or probably also viewed in another player's hand.


I am no artist. If you would like to help improve the look of anything, please contact me on the Vintage Story Discord (my name is Gox.) Let's talk before you create a Pull Request?


1.1.0 — flipped crafting requirements for Origin and Relative compasses. Origin now requires 2 and Relative now requires 4.

1.1.1 — fixed exploit involving handbook

1.2.0 — compasses can now be placed and the number of gears required to craft them is configurable (thanks JapanHasRice!)

1.3.0 --- Updated to 1.17.10 by Dythanos with permission from Goxmeor! Thank you Gox!

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💬 Barmesean, Jan 20th 2023 at 7:00 PM

Great mod, I am glad it was updated for 1.7.

Is there any way you could increase the granularity of the animation? Or maybe have the bearing printed in chat when you click or something?


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