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Author: Ketrai
Side: Both
Created: Jan 12th at 2:08 PM
Last modified: Jan 15th at 1:20 AM
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First mod I've made.

Simple mod that rebalances drop rates for drifters. This mod will not work with other mods that override the droptables for drifters.
This mod aims to keep vanilla balance mostly intact, making the game only slightly easier. Simply put, you won't find empty drifters anymore, making them more worthwhile to cut open.

- All drifters will now drop at least 1 gear piece. You can combine 8 of these to make a rusty gear.
- All drifters have a chance to drop molybdochalkos nuggets. Generally one of the least useful metals, used for lanterns and decoration.
- Surface drifters now rarely drop metal scrap, limestone rocks, sticks, cattails and salt.
- Deep drifters now rarely drop metal scrap
- Higher tier drifters drop more gear pieces and molybdochalkos nuggets.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 350 Jan 15th at 1:20 AM Show UsefulDrifterLoot
v1.0.1 141 Jan 12th at 2:42 PM Show UsefulDrifterLoot

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💬 rebus, Jan 21st at 9:44 AM


They do drop temporary gears. Yesterday two among about 30 drifters more

patience and faith xd

💬 0mni, Jan 21st at 6:49 AM

is this in addition to the original loot drops like gears and temporal gears dont seem to be dropping from regular drifters anymore.

💬 rebus, Jan 18th at 8:53 PM

ahh yes, thank you very much.


💬 Ketrai, Jan 18th at 5:38 PM

 Press H on a gear piece to open the handbook recipe for it.

💬 rebus, Jan 17th at 5:59 PM

...You can combine 8 of these to make a rusty gear.    What ? where?

Thank you.

💬 PastaNipples, Jan 12th at 7:17 PM

This is a lovely spin on loot-drops! I salute you, thankees!

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