Mods / Subtitles — directional subtitles for sound effects

Category: #QoL
Author: goxmeor
Side: Client
Created: Apr 14th at 11:07 AM
Last modified: Apr 17th at 3:12 AM
Downloads: 241

Adds directional subtitles for sound effects.


This mod doesn't take the volume of the sound sample into consideration (only the volume and distance reported in the game engine.)

This mod doesn't take into consideration that some sounds can block out other sounds (for example, a heavy rainstorm can make quieter sounds impossible to hear.) This could cause gameplay balance issues.

There is currently no way to reposition the subtitles. Pull requests welcome!

Work In Progress

The sound-to-english translations provided in this mod are incomplete. If you'd like to contribute better translations, it's quite easy to edit the en.json file, so please provide a pull request.

Note that two sounds with the same "translation" result will be merged into one "line". Also, a sound with a translation to an empty string ("") will not be shown at all.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.2.1 136 Apr 17th at 3:12 AM Show
v0.2.0 105 Apr 14th at 11:10 AM Show

3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

OpPointBaker, Aug 31st at 8:32 AM

There seems to be a bug that will cause a CtD when loading the game if there are too many sound soruces nearby.

OpPointBaker, Aug 6th at 4:06 AM

Would you be willing to add an ability to tell the verticality of the sound? Having drifters drop down on me from above when caving is quite the jolt.

Rufkut, Apr 21st at 12:59 PM

Very interesting, I was hoping someone would create something like Witcher Sense

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