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Category: #Crafting #Tweak
Author: XammeR2277
Side: Client
Created: Nov 21st at 12:21 PM
Last modified: Nov 21st at 12:24 PM
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💬 Haldhir, 3 days ago

Very easy to customize, uncompress, go into MoreSticksCrafts\morestickcrafts\assets\game\recipes\grid and there you can open any of the .json files with notepad and edit the output quantity.

The file for logs is "firewood-knife.json", the line to change is output: { type: "item", code: "stick", quantity: 1 }, change that 1 for whatever you want.

💬 OmegaHaxors, Nov 23rd at 8:24 PM

Only one stick per log? That seems kind of terrible.

💬 XammeR2277, Nov 22nd at 3:21 PM

Can you send me a screen what problem is, i mean what it look like 

💬 XammeR2277, Nov 22nd at 3:19 PM

ok, its my first mode, i try to figure out what happen

💬 XammeR2277, Nov 22nd at 3:18 PM
💬 Craluminum, Nov 22nd at 2:26 PM

It can't be client side because any crafting recipes are purely server side

💬 XammeR2277, Nov 22nd at 2:21 PM

What do you think about mod guys?

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