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Category: #Technology
Author: Quacksol
Side: Both
Created: Apr 7th
Last modified: Apr 14th
Downloads: 77

Adds instruments to Vintage Story. These allow players to play ABC music files alone and together!


  • Currently 12 instruments available, including acoustic guitar, piano and drumkit
  • May play instruments using the player's view angle to change pitch
  • May also read .ABC files to play tunes
  • Play .ABC files alone, or together using a band system
  • While each player needs the mod to play the instruments, not all players need the ABC files to hear them

Update v1.0.1:

  • Fixed bug where it would keep playing after being dropped
  • Major improvements to song select GUI (thanks Goxmeor!)

Update v1.0.2

  • Fixed client crashing bug when clients join while another player is playing a tune (seems pretty important)
  • Fixes to ABCParser to allow abc files created by Maestro. Imported files should now work.

Update v1.0.3:

  • Fixed band synching, again

Future work (lots to do!):

  • Make animations for playing tunes
  • Store tunes on game server, to make more publicly available
  • Make a block to play tunes incase you don't have friends
  • Bagpipes


  • Copy the mod into the mods folder, like any other mod
  • In your Vintage Story game directory (usually in C:\Program Files\Vintage Story):
    • Create a folder named 'abc'
    • Put your abc files into here!
    • You may use sub-directories, which makes sorting files easier


  • Craft an instrument of your choice (recipes are availbale in the handbook)
  • Shift+right click while holding the instrument to choose the 'mode'
    • 'SemiTone Step' enables users to play notes depending on the player angle, in semitone steps
    • 'Tone Step' is the same, but the note steps in tones
    • 'Fluid' is also the same, but does not step
    • 'ABC' enables users to play ABC files
    • Enter a band name to synchronise playback with others (so long as your band name is the same!)
  • When in ABC mode, right click to bring up another interface to choose your ABC file to play
    • If no ABC files are found, an error will be written in the chat window to help fix it.

It says "ABC error: could not find folder at..."!

Unlike other mods, this mod looks in your game's installed directory for abc files that it can play. This way, if the mod needs to be updated, your tunes will remain untouched. You'll need to source your own abc files, there are plenty out on the web!

Where do I find .abc files?

If you follow the link above to the forum post, there are some example abc files in the downloads section.

Other than that, you can search for abc files, or make your own! I would recommend adding "Starbound" to your search, as the abc community for that game is huge. There are plenty of tutorials for converting MIDI files to abc as well, which will work with this mod.


This mod is still a work in progress. If you're a modder and would like to help in any way, drop me a message!

If you find an ABC file that cannot be played, an error will be displayed in the chat window. Please send the file along with the error, so I can fix it.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.3 43 Apr 14th Show
v1.0.2 12 Apr 14th Show
v1.0.1 22 Apr 13th Show


Hamish, 5 days ago
Quacksol, Apr 13th

The mod's available here now! I've also made a few fixes.

l33tmaan, Apr 10th

Oh yeah, I even talked about this with someone recently. Oops!

SingABrightSong, Apr 10th
  • Due to the amount of sound samples in the mod, it is not available on VSModDB, so follow the link in the homepage tab to the forums.

Someone forgot to read

l33tmaan, Apr 10th

Someone forgot to upload the mod.

Zloy_EdyardOS, Apr 10th

How to download?

Rufkut, Apr 8th

Very cool

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