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Author: Mr1k3
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Created: Apr 6th 2021 at 4:09 AM
Last modified: Jan 20th at 2:52 AM
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Makes armor crafting less grindy and annoying by simplifying recipes, does not change total ingot costs of sets by too much but it does reduce them a little. These recipes should now encourage use of the helve hammer.

Also reverts 1.15 change where input armor durability affects output armor durabilty, so you can now use a nearly broken gambeson to craft a full plate piece.

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Only changes armor recipes

Changes (Numbers are out out of date, but shape is same)-

Jerkin is now an earlygame armor, not used in recipes now, replaced by leather armor. Is cheaper.


Leather is now a crafting ingredient for brigandine and scale, and is slightly cheaper.


Gambeson is now an ingredient for plate armor and is slightly cheaper.


Lammellar is now only 24 ingots to craft, fits better into early game balance.


Brigandine uses leather as a base and costs 24 ingots, takes more effort to make than lamelle, but gives better stats.


Chain is just crafted with chains, makes it a good armor for when you don't have leather. Now takes 16 chains (32 ingots) instead of 23 to reduce grind.


Scale armor now uses leather as a base and costs the same as chain ingot-wise (32), now needs scales as a main ingredient.


Plate now needs gambeson as a base, and mainly needs plates to encourage helve hammer use, sill uses some chains, same ingot cost- -as vanilla at 80.


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💬 Mr1k3, Jan 20th at 2:52 AM

1.16 update

-fixed leather in recipes

-changed recipe durabilty logic back to what it was in 1.14 so now armor will always be crafted at 100% durability regardless of base armor durabilty, now you longer waste metal because you wanted to save on a little flax and can craft a full durability chest plate with a nearly broken gambeson.

💬 Mr1k3, Jul 30th 2021 at 5:24 AM

Reduced costs of armors to be even cheaper to keep up with the recent 1.15 armor crafting changes. current shown images are out of date.

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