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Author: Butte
Side: Both
Created: Nov 7th at 7:49 PM
Last modified: Nov 9th at 3:08 AM
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The Lumber Sling is a mid-tier bag item that holds 8 slots of lumberjacking wares. Stores wood, axes, sticks, shears, tree seeds, and resin.

For a growing blacksmith, hungry for charcoal, Forestry is a chore about as important as Mining, but with no shiny loot, and no specialized equipment, it's far less glamorous. With this, your deforestation can come just a little bit easier.


Crafted with an axe, one linen, two logs, and a pelt, yet holding 8 slots of wood: this bit of gear is firmly mid-tier, but will stay with a lumberjack for a lifetime.


  • Released

To Do

  • patch to accept primitive survival stump hollows
  • patch to accept spiles and buckets if culinary artillery is detected
  • custom shape, instead of reusing quiver

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 337 Nov 9th at 3:08 AM Show

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💬 _Mason, Nov 15th at 3:20 PM

Love the idea of a lumber-focused backpack, as that's what occupies the greatest part of my inventory at times. Looking forward to the custom model.

💬 OmegaHaxors, Nov 10th at 1:23 PM

I took a little time and added this to pouch
Now you can craft a Lumber Pouch if both mods are installed.

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