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Author: HeinzGaming
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Created: Nov 6th at 6:17 PM
Last modified: Nov 8th at 7:17 PM
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I've added new Landforms into the Game.
I got inspiried by Tyrons "Realistic" World Gen but i'm aiming for a more Semi-Realistic Landform approach where i will sometimes add "abstract" Landforms like the "ArtifactLabyrinth" how i call it. Its like a labyrinth looking Landform from Above but its a rare find. (Last Picture)

The World is mostly covered by many "Flat" Areas but you can also expect Mountain Ranges here and there. Extreme High Mountain Ranges are rare. This Mod also Contains Half-Islands/Landforms who are almost fully surrounded by Water. I also added Multistages Mountains, Multistaged Plateaus and Multistaged Cliffs. More to Come!

This Mod has 2 Versions:
1: Only My Custom Landforms (OC : v1.0.2)
2: Base Game Landforms + My Custom Landforms (BC : v2.0.2)
(I will Delete the Older Versions the Day i publish a new one, as it will get confusing after a few Versions)

Feedback, Ideas and Help would be awseome!
You can do it via Discord or here.

(I also need Mod-Name Suggestions)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.0.2 173 Nov 8th at 7:16 PM Show
v1.0.2 41 Nov 8th at 7:17 PM Show

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💬 HeinzGaming, Nov 25th at 7:15 PM

dashr I will, but have not much time atm.
School calls lol

💬 dashr, Nov 22nd at 2:02 PM

Beautiful mod. I hope you'll be working on it further. This has great potential! 

💬 HeinzGaming, Nov 8th at 2:48 PM

Rufkut Yeah, you can say so.
I took inspiration from that

💬 Rufkut, Nov 7th at 8:46 PM

Are you going for something like terraforged for Minecraft 

💬 Yanazake, Nov 7th at 4:11 PM

This with Lay of the Land will make things extra spicy for exploration!

💬 HeinzGaming, Nov 7th at 2:47 PM

I've added a basic Text on what Users can expect from this Worldgen Mod.
Its not much i would say, but better than before! 😅

💬 Tentharchitect, Nov 7th at 12:50 AM

I'll second that, listing what sort of landforms and giving it a name based on what landforms are prevalent would be a good idea. I'm expecting a lot of new world gen mods that all have their own twist so setting players expectations of what they can find in your version is important.


💬 1618, Nov 6th at 11:47 PM

Love this kind of stuff, thanks. Going to try it out.

Can you elaborate on the specific design choices/considerations of the 12+ Custom Made Landforms?

Generally, we need more of the obvious stuff discussed in the discord, like islands, caves, mountain ranges, variation, etc.

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