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Created: Nov 2nd at 4:51 PM
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this is being actively developed, it is currently usable for vanilla un-modded playthroughs, do not use this texture pack yet alongside any mods that add ingame content, mod support is planned after i finish my first full pass over the vanilla assets as well as learn how to override assets from other mods.

Is this possible? If you have information on how to override assets from other mods, or if you would like to request features, or report any problems, or if you would like to leak highly classified information or if you would like to be my friend, contact me here:

discord: ryno#1038

twitter: @RynoJellies

Special thanks for very special boys 🐈

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💬 ryna, 4 days ago

Pheargrimm thank you for the compliment pheargrimm

💬 Pheargrimm, 5 days ago

Damn your mod is good looking, nicely done man, nicely done. 

💬 Jimzawy, Nov 13th at 8:14 AM

ryna  I'd gladly download anything from someone who's working tirelessly and has a sense of humor as good as yours, I am still in my first playthrough, checking the full vanilla experience plus some semi vanilla QOL mods, before doing an overhaul, though I hope hard worked mods like yours eventually become "Canon"

💬 ryna, Nov 12th at 10:09 PM

Jimzawy I have updated the mod.. pray I do not update it further.

Also what do you mean by "safely", there's nothing safe about this. If you download this file you become mine.

💬 Jimzawy, Nov 12th at 8:28 PM

Yo, ryna, I'm following your mod, waiting till most "interations" are done so I can install it safely, ease up on the hourly updates dude, what are you? Adobe? J.K., keep up the good work 😀

💬 ryna, Nov 8th at 12:42 AM

OmegaHaxors yeah, seems pretty simple, that's how the wiki described it as well. i tried overwriting files for Wildcraft (modid: wildcraft), nothing would register ingame. IDK what the issue was but it had to be something stupid.

💬 OmegaHaxors, Nov 7th at 9:52 PM

Since the wiki isn't very clear i'll explain it better:

First you go to your mod's assets/[modid] folder (if there isn't one, make one) 
Create a new folder there called "compatibility" (make sure to spell it right)
Now create a folder within that with the name of the modid you want to work with
Everything within that folder works just like your mod's assets folder.

So to replace a texture from the mod "foomod" you would put your assets here: assets/yourmod/compatibility/foomod/textures
If you want to replace a model from the mod "barmod" you would put your assets here: assets/yourmod/compatibility/barmod/shapes

You can also use JSON tags within the game folder to do advanced filtering, such as only load assets if a mod is NOT installed, but that's not really something you need to worry about.
EDIT: Since you're overriding assets you might need to put it in assets/game instead of assets/[modid] not quite sure how that interaction works.

💬 ryna, Nov 7th at 3:00 PM

OmegaHaxors that looks like exactly what i need and it sounds incredibly simple but it is not working for me, and it is probably some trivial mistake. I spent about an hour on it though.

💬 OmegaHaxors, Nov 7th at 4:18 AM

You can add assets for mods by putting them in the "compatibility" folder. They'll only load if the relevant mod is also loaded.
Just treat it like modifing the base game with the exception being that it's in the "compatibility" folder instead of the game folder.

You can use the wiki for an example of what I mean by this.

💬 ryna, Nov 6th at 12:55 PM

Runehawk thanks for letting me know, Wildcraft is generally soft-incompatible right now since it adds new game content that is textured in the style of itself or vanilla so I wouldn't overall recommend using this texture pack with it yet even if there weren't hard-incompatibilities as well- but once I figure out how to override the files of other installed mods, Wildcraft is definitely be on the list of mods I intend to support.

💬 Runehawk, Nov 6th at 7:36 AM

Enjoying the textures, but there is a compatibility issue with the Wildcraft mod. That mod's textures rely on the vanilla textures fore berry bushes. The berry bushes from Wildcraft, therefore, appear constantly in the empty phase, never showing the flowering or berry textures, although they are in those states. It's a small incompatibility, but I thought I'd share it.

💬 Yanazake, Nov 5th at 6:23 PM


I had no idea Minecraft had this kind of stuff, I was thinking more along the lines of how Oblivion and Skyrim achieve it through a mod manager. It 's still a zip file in a way, but it has a script which the mod manager reads and lets you pick what you want from the mod. Problem is, since there are some model replacements, things might get messy. I'm REALLY not sure how this game works internally compared to Elder Scrolls, so I'm not sure it's possible without generating maybe a new file on the fly for whatever you picked needs to be in a json file or whatever might be the file with block/entity/tool data

💬 ryna, Nov 5th at 2:40 PM

Tressym it's intentionally required on the server for a few reasons that technically affect gameplay in small ways, such as the modifcation of clayforming recipes in order to stay on parity with the new models, or the modification of cull-faces as you mentioned, and other general patches that get applied to the cosmetic parameters of "blocktypes" files. It will never be a client-side mod, and I agree that this is unfortunate.

💬 Tressym, Nov 5th at 6:02 AM


What Craluminum means by "add version to mod archive name" is that you add a version number to the file you upload, so that the Files tab will show a list of past uploads, older versions of the mod and their changelogs. For example, naming the file "updated_testures_and_models_1.0", then the next version you upload is named "updated_testures_and_models_1.1" and so on.

By the way, I've tried to use this mod, picked and choose what I want to use from the files, but have run into some issues. Singleplayer, the mod works fine. In multiplayer, it turns off completely. I had to go into modinfo.json and change "requiredOnServer" from true to false just to get some of the content to work, but some models still refuse to load. Some models load just fine, like the new berry bushes. Others refuse to load the new model and just use vanilla, like the reeds. One model that I liked unfortunately caused some issues, which was the quern. The model loads fine, but the top face of any block it is placed on will cull (appear invisible), showing the skybox through the floor on its' four corners. It does not do this in single player, which is just really strange.

I've disabled the mod for now and have just given up using it for Multiplayer, which is too bad.

💬 Tressym, Nov 5th at 5:53 AM


Modular means that they can pick and choose what to use or not use in a texture pack (textures, models, etc) in a way that is simple for the average player and doesn't require picking through files. Minecraft is known to have some modular texture packs like that, but the only ones I know of host their own custom website that allows them to set it up in a way that makes it simple for individuals to pick and choose what they want. Not sure how it would be achieved here.

💬 Craluminum, Nov 5th at 12:31 AM


What do you mean by "modular mod"?

💬 Yanazake, Nov 4th at 11:56 PM

Dang, imagine if this was modular. Not sure if Vintage mods can be that modular tho.

💬 ryna, Nov 3rd at 11:16 AM

Craluminum i seen ur wood barrels mod. so it looks like thats a mod that adds content in the form of wood-specific barrel variants, which is something i could definitely add built-in support for if they have both our mods installed at the same time, but there's a list of questions that stem from that pertaining to how the game interprets the merge. Would it be my barrels that simply come in more texture variants, or would your barrel model replace mine but have my textures on it? Also, idk what "add version to mod archive name" means, so i'll probably DM you on discord in relation to both these questions

💬 Craluminum, Nov 3rd at 10:43 AM

Have you seen barrel models in my Wood Barrels mod? Also, could you add version to the mod archive name?

💬 ryna, Nov 2nd at 10:11 PM

l33tmaan grass and rock textures are safe to delete, its generally safe to delete the texture files from anything that i havent also changed the model of

💬 l33tmaan, Nov 2nd at 9:57 PM

How easy is it to pick and choose the stuff from here? I like the new models for a lot of the stuff, but I cannot stand the grass or rock textures. Is it as simple as just removing them from the file or will that make my game explode?

💬 macoto_hino, Nov 2nd at 9:48 PM

It is certainly important to have the same square as the rest of the block, considering the chiseling.
When mod users want something new, mod makers also need something new. It's difficult.😅

💬 ryna, Nov 2nd at 9:00 PM

macoto_hino rounded tree trunks would be very cool but it wouldn't be compatible with chiseling, unless the models were specifically 'voxel-rounded' as opposed to simple 45-degree sloped/perfect-octagon models. i think voxel-rounded tree trunks would probably be bad for both aesthetic reasons as well as performance reasons, and implementing them would probaby require code as well..

💬 ryna, Nov 2nd at 8:51 PM

the 2D cattails were the spark that started the pack, and this is just one of the positive effects they have had on me. you should see what those things were doing to me the other day

💬 macoto_hino, Nov 2nd at 8:34 PM

That's a damn good mod!
Now if only the tree trunks were rounded, even better!😆

💬 djvirus, Nov 2nd at 8:28 PM


💬 l33tmaan, Nov 2nd at 8:01 PM


💬 Tyron, Nov 2nd at 8:00 PM

These look great. I've asked Saraty so many times already to make 3d models for the cattails 😭

💬 RayTC, Nov 2nd at 5:49 PM

very nice!

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