Mods / Dissapearing hacked locust fix

Author: RandomStreamer
Side: Both
Created: Oct 30th at 4:19 PM
Last modified: Oct 31st at 9:50 PM
Downloads: 88
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Hacked locusts and hacked corrupt locusts dissapear after some time because one of the developers forgot to remove the despawn code for it.

This mod updates the .json for hacked locusts to no longer contain that line so that they do not despawn unless they are killed.


This mod functions as an unoffical patch until the aforementioned issue is fixed in the next update.


Update: The mod technically works but instead of despawning a hacked locust will now teleport to its original spawning location when told to wait and the player gets out of a certain range.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 64 Oct 31st at 5:01 PM Show
v1.0.0 16 Oct 31st at 1:52 PM Show

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💬 TheNiteFox, Nov 3rd at 10:22 PM

Appears to not be compatible with Temporal Tinkerer

💬 Sempai_Nagi, Nov 2nd at 5:09 AM

not sure,or idk but, can you combine some code from PetAI/Wolftaming with this mod? ex the HLocust just do like the wolf would do if it get killed/outOfRange -thingy.

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