Mods / QOL-Tweaks: Stackables

Category: #QoL #Storage #Tweak
Author: Mr1k3
Side: Both
Created: Apr 5th at 10:32 PM
Last modified: Aug 2nd at 12:26 PM
Downloads: 1650

Increases stack sizes for a lot of items, and makes some items stackable. Note that crucibles and clay pots cannot stack due to the stack getting deleted if you try to cook something in them, but you wont need many of these items anyways.

Some notable changes:

  • All toolheads are stackable.
  • Almost all clay items, raw and cooked can be stacked to some degree.
  • lots of resources have had their stack size increased from 64 to 256, eg: stone pebbles, quartz.
  • Several unstackable items like the bloomery and temporal gears are now stackable.
  • Wood logs can stack to 32, firewood stacks to 64.
  • Sticks, and seeds stack to 128.
  • Nuggets stack to 512.
  • Most items like leather hides, ingots, and forging ingredients have doubled stack sizes.
  • Crocks are now stackable, as long as the food inside them is the same they will stack when filled.
  • Meals in bowls stack to 16 instead of 4.

Images(Not all changes are shown here):


1.0.2 Update: (shown are some but not all new tweaks to existing stack sizes and increased stack size of some new items)



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.0.4 683 Aug 2nd at 12:26 PM Show
v2.0.3 140 Jul 30th at 6:44 AM Show
v2.0.2 66 Jul 30th at 4:57 AM Show
v1.0.2 761 Apr 5th at 10:32 PM Show

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Mr1k3, Aug 2nd at 12:27 PM

Bowls with food are no longer stackable because of a duplication issue.

Mr1k3, Jul 30th at 4:59 AM

1.15 update released, fixed broken stacksizes not working like logs and added some things like tree seeds and mechanical components like sails, helve hammers and all their components.

Lisabet, Jul 10th at 6:20 AM

+1 to pamela; pretty please update to 1.15 :) I need stackables to enjoy VS; though logs seem to be the main thing affected by 1.15 (and saltpeter I think, tho I don't use it much)

edit also crocks don't want to stack anymore, but strangely cooking pots do (tho they bug out if you accidently let them and close the server while they're stacked) and sometimes crucibles try to as well but I always unstack them before closing the game in case they bug like the cooking pot does

Pamela, Jul 2nd at 11:33 PM

Could you please add in the new wood types so they will stack higher???

delete edit