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Currently In Pre-Release, Available Only to Patrons!

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Special Thanks To: 

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Spear And Fang For Providing The Tree Hollows

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Taska For The Adzes and Bark Baskets

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - DJVIrus For The Incredible Tool and Stump Models

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Pan Prasecribens for debugging support

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Dythanos, who saved my sanity with that one thing

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Ommadon - Budding streamer and willing guinea pig for my mods.

Catch us on Fridays starting at Noon or 1pm PST until we decide to quit.




“And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir


"In Dappled Groves" is a mod dedicated to changing our relationship with the forests of that land many call Vintaria. It starts by changing the appearance of the woods every so slightly, introducing stumps at the bottom of most of the majority of trees you'll encounter. These stumps will remain when the tree is fallen, requiring you to finish chopping it out. Their resistance is significantly higher than that of the logs themselves. Within these trees can be found hollows (Thank you, SpearAndFang!) in which the spoils of the forest denizens can be found. They'll drop when the tree has been felled, giving you access to beautiful storage space. 


          StumpBulletSmall.png - Forest Changes StumpBulletSmall.png


InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Trees now have sturdy tree stumps that will resist being removed.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Logs now have typed resistances, balanced using the Janka Hardness Test

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Tree Hollows Spawn in Trees Throughout the World (Thanks, Spang!)


"Greeting to the vales and uplands,
Greet ye, heights with forests covered,
Greet ye, ever-verdant fir-trees,
Greet ye, groves of whitened aspen."
- The Kalevala - Rune XIV


To aid you in your forestry endeavors, there are also new tools!  All vanilla axes past copper have been removed and replaced with specialty axes.  Splitting Mauls split lumber faster but are terrible at felling trees. Forestry Axes are excellent for felling trees but not so much for splitting wood. Grub Axes combine axe and adze, allowing you to hew wood and chop wood with a single tool.

I have to thank Taska Rain for the adze and bark baskets the mod introduces.  Speaking of bark baskets!  When you hew a tree (using an adze or the backside of a grub axe. You can switch modes using F to swap between the available modes), you'll receive bark!  However, it won't work for baskets just yet!  You'll need to soak it for 24 game hours and use it while it's wet (It stays wet for 24 game hours) to make baskets. (I'll likely be making this configurable in the future, and I know that some work needs to be done to make this process worth it. I may up their capacity to 10 or 12 spaces, though I intend, in another mod, to make cattails similarly challenging to process).

Removing the instant processing of lumber into boards and firewood, replacing them with in-world interactions. Firewood is now produced by chopping logs into log slabs, log slabs into firewood, and slabs into sticks. You can make boards in-world simply by interacting with a log using a saw. Workstations can improve the speed at which you get results. The base speed of processing these recipes is based on the resistance of the block you're working with. 

You can also break down wood slabs, stairs, and plank blocks into firewood by splitting them with an axe.


          StumpBulletSmall.png - New Tools & Workstations StumpBulletSmall.png

StumpBulletSmall.png - New Axes

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png- Forestry Axe - Faster tree chopping, slow splitting

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Splitting Maul - Faster wood splitting, very slow tree felling

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Grub Axe - Slow chopping, Slow splitting, Slow Hewing (F to switch tool modes)

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Adzes - The Preeminent Hewing Tool


StumpBulletSmall.png - WorkStations

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Chopping Block - Workstation for improved wood splitting/hewing.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Sawbuck - Improved rate of wood sawing.


StumpBulletSmall.png - New Blocks & Materials

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Stripped Logs - Produced using an adze on a log that's been chopped down

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Log Slabs - Split any log with an axe

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Stripped Log Slabs - Split any stripped log with an axe

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark - Strip a log with a hewing tool (adze/grub axe) to get bark

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark Bundle - Place four of the same bark in-ground storage, and click with another piece of the same bark to create a bundle.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Soaked Bark - Place a bark bundle in a water block for 24 hours (Not a barrel)

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark Baskets - Use 24 soaked bark to make a basket (Likely to be reduced due to                                                                                 processing time.)



StumpBulletSmall.png Coppicing/Pollarding - When you cut a tree down in cold temperatures and leave the stump, it'll begin to sprout the following warm season. These will be able to be harvested for sticks and firewood. Other uses may become available over time.

StumpBulletSmall.png Sawhorse Workstation - This is already functioning but doesn't have any use at the moment.  This will be introduced with 'sawn boards' and the following. 

StumpBulletSmall.png Primitive Board Making - It will be possible to produce boards using a wedge.  This will produce rough timber. Using a hewing tool will process this timber into hewn lumber. Using a plane will then convert hewn or sawn boards into vanilla boards. Each of these board stages will introduce:

StumpBulletSmall.png New Building Blocks - Rough, Hewn, Sawn, and Vanilla boards will all have blocks you can make out of them. They'll have custom textures related to their wood and board types. Rough blocks made from boards will have a variable texture to represent the unreliability of building with unfinished lumber.

StumpBulletSmall.png Wood Curing - Wood curing will be introduced as well. While still being conceptualized, some things are known. Cured firewood will have longer burn times, and hotter temperatures (not smelting temps) than green wood. Uncured boards risk turning into warped boards, which will mostly be useful only for firewood, though another workstation may change that. Additionally, charcoal pits made with uncured firewood will have a risk of going out, and produce less charcoal per block.

StumpBulletSmall.png Steaming Cabinet - A steaming cabinet is a method of straightening warped boards so that they aren't wasted. They may also become useful for making items that require careful wood bending. 

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10 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Pamela, 1 hour ago

Are you going to incorporate Wildcraft trees??

💬 RockSowe, 5 hours ago

How do you make boards?

💬 Vinter_Nacht, 8 hours ago

Just a heads up, the wonky spawning habits of the tree stumps has been noted. I should have that fixed in the next release. The stump spawning results from my tinkering with it and trying to improve its behavior.

💬 Vinter_Nacht, 9 hours ago

Alright, ladies, gentlemen, and players of all other genders.  I checked the change log only to realize I've been working on this since 1.15, and it hasn't had a release until now.  I expect tomorrow to show multiple reports of a million little bugs that still need fixing.  The documentation in the handbook isn't entirely complete, but I couldn't keep you waiting any longer. I'll release updates with the completed handbook entries as soon as possible.  While it doesn't contain everything I want it to, it certainly contains enough at this point to represent a full-play experience as a mod. 

Some things to know going in... Expect trees to take significantly longer to chop down with your early-game tools, and be patient with chopping your wood down to slabs and into firewood.  It will take time until you get tools worthy of the name.  Early in the game, flint will have notably better than every stone but obsidian, and obsidian will provide the best results until you can hedge your way into copper.  Once you have a copper axe, that'll be the last generic axe you make.  Have fun discovering the rest from there on out.  If you don't have the patience for the default settings, go into the config and adjust the following:

"baseWorkstationMiningSpdMult": 1.25, -> Increasing this increases the effectiveness of tools on a workstation.
"baseWorkstationResistanceMult": 1.0, -> Increasing this makes blocks take longer to break on a workstation, reducing it makes blocks break faster on a workstation.
"baseGroundRecipeMiningSpdMult": 1.0, -> As above but for in-world recipes
"baseGroundRecipeResistaceMult": 1.0, -> As above but for in-world recipes

Good luck and good timbering!

💬 Vinter_Nacht, 23 hours ago

I had a busy week last week that distracted me from the final polish. Trying to work on it this morning. It's mostly all documentation, but I think even that's to the point where it's tolerable for release.  

💬 Whitaker, 2 days ago

what's the news on this being released?

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Nov 23rd at 2:54 AM

Those tracking the progression of this mod may be interested to know that a release candidate has been published to my Patreon subscribers. If all goes well, this will be released to the public on the 28th.

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Nov 13th at 6:26 AM

Did some tinkering with the tools today to establish their time for use based off the Kapok log.
The type of log is relevant since all logs have a difference resistance based off their Janka hardness score.
Kapok is roughly vanilla in resistance.
Ebony is a BEAST.

Splitting a Kapok log into log slabs with each tool:

On the ground.
Any non-flint/obsidian stone axe: 6.1s
flint axe: 5.3s
obsidian axe: 4.7s
copper axe: 3.5s
grubaxe-tinbronze: 2.3
forestaxe-tinbronze: 1.7
maul-tinbronze: 1s
grubaxe - steel: 1.4s
forestaxe - steel: 1s
maul - steel: .7s

On the chopping block
game:axe-(Any non-obsidian/flint): 4.3s
game:axe-flint: 3.7s
game:axe-obsidian: 3.31s
game:axe-copper: 2.409s
grubaxe-tinbronze: 1.61s
forestaxe-tinbronze: 1.171s
maul-tinbronze: 0.681s
grubaxe-steel: 0.969s
forestaxe-steel: 0.745s
maul-steel: 0.411s

💬 Vinter_Nacht, Nov 7th at 11:45 PM

@Whitaker - I've set the ModSystem that produces TreeHollows not to load if Primitive Survival is installed. I feel like it's a hack fix, but it seems to do the job. Taska is handling compatibility with bark baskets, adze, and bark.

💬 Whitaker, Nov 7th at 5:40 PM

so excited for this. might not play until it's released other than to test mods, lol

i'm somewhat new to modding, so i do have one question

how will compatibility work, with primitive survival also adding hollows?

(edit comment delete)