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Created: Oct 12th 2022 at 8:26 AM
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Special Thanks To: 

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Spear And Fang For Providing The Tree Hollows

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Taska For The Adzes and Bark Baskets

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - DJVIrus For The Incredible Tool and Stump Models

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Pan Prasecribens for debugging support

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Dythanos, who saved my sanity with that one thing




“And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir


"In Dappled Groves" is a mod dedicated to changing our relationship with the forests of that land many call Vintaria. It starts by changing the appearance of the woods every so slightly, introducing stumps at the bottom of most of the majority of trees you'll encounter. These stumps will remain when the tree is fallen, requiring you to finish chopping it out. Their resistance is significantly higher than that of the logs themselves. Within these trees can be found hollows (Thank you, SpearAndFang!) in which the spoils of the forest denizens can be found. They'll drop when the tree has been felled, giving you access to beautiful storage space. 


          StumpBulletSmall.png - Forest Changes StumpBulletSmall.png

Yes! Compatible With Wildcraft Trees!

(Note: Full scope of compatibility unknown)

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Trees now have sturdy tree stumps that will resist being removed.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Logs now have typed resistances, balanced using the Janka Hardness Test

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Tree Hollows Spawn in Trees Throughout the World (Thanks, Spang!)


"Greeting to the vales and uplands,
Greet ye, heights with forests covered,
Greet ye, ever-verdant fir-trees,
Greet ye, groves of whitened aspen."
- The Kalevala - Rune XIV


To aid you in your forestry endeavors, there are also new tools!  All vanilla axes past copper have been removed and replaced with specialty axes.  Splitting Mauls split lumber faster but are terrible at felling trees. Forestry Axes are excellent for felling trees but not so much for splitting wood. Grub Axes combine axe and adze, allowing you to hew wood and chop wood with a single tool.

I have to thank Taska Rain for the adze and bark baskets the mod introduces.  Speaking of bark baskets!  When you hew a tree (using an adze or the backside of a grub axe. You can switch modes using F to swap between the available modes), you'll receive bark!  However, it won't work for baskets just yet!  You'll need to soak it for 24 game hours and use it while it's wet (It stays wet for 24 game hours) to make baskets. (I'll likely be making this configurable in the future, and I know that some work needs to be done to make this process worth it. I may up their capacity to 10 or 12 spaces, though I intend, in another mod, to make cattails similarly challenging to process).

Removing the instant processing of lumber into boards and firewood, replacing them with in-world interactions. Firewood is now produced by chopping logs into log slabs, log slabs into firewood, and slabs into sticks. You can make boards in-world simply by interacting with a log using a saw. Workstations can improve the speed at which you get results. The base speed of processing these recipes is based on the resistance of the block you're working with. 

You can also break down wood slabs, stairs, and plank blocks into firewood by splitting them with an axe.


          StumpBulletSmall.png - New Tools & Workstations StumpBulletSmall.png

StumpBulletSmall.png - New Axes

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png- Forestry Axe - Faster tree chopping, slow splitting

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Splitting Maul - Faster wood splitting, very slow tree felling

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Grub Axe - Slow chopping, Slow splitting, Slow Hewing (F to switch tool modes)

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Adzes - The Preeminent Hewing Tool


StumpBulletSmall.png - WorkStations

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Chopping Block - Workstation for improved wood splitting/hewing.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Sawbuck - Improved rate of wood sawing.


StumpBulletSmall.png - New Blocks & Materials

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Stripped Logs - Produced using an adze on a log that's been chopped down

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Log Slabs - Split any log with an axe

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Stripped Log Slabs - Split any stripped log with an axe

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark - Strip a log with a hewing tool (adze/grub axe) to get bark

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark Bundle - Place four of the same bark in-ground storage, and click with another piece of the same bark to create a bundle.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Soaked Bark - Place a bark bundle in a water block for 24 hours (Not a barrel)

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Bark Baskets - Use 24 soaked bark to make a basket (Likely to be reduced due to                                                                                 processing time.)



StumpBulletSmall.png Coppicing/Pollarding - When you cut a tree down in cold temperatures and leave the stump, it'll begin to sprout the following warm season. These will be able to be harvested for sticks and firewood. Other uses may become available over time.

StumpBulletSmall.png Sawhorse Workstation - This is already functioning but doesn't have any use at the moment.  This will be introduced with 'sawn boards' and the following. 

StumpBulletSmall.png Primitive Board Making - It will be possible to produce boards using a wedge.  This will produce rough timber. Using a hewing tool will process this timber into hewn lumber. Using a plane will then convert hewn or sawn boards into vanilla boards. Each of these board stages will introduce:

StumpBulletSmall.png New Building Blocks - Rough, Hewn, Sawn, and Vanilla boards will all have blocks you can make out of them. They'll have custom textures related to their wood and board types. Rough blocks made from boards will have a variable texture to represent the unreliability of building with unfinished lumber.

StumpBulletSmall.png Wood Curing - Wood curing will be introduced as well. While still being conceptualized, some things are known. Cured firewood will have longer burn times, and hotter temperatures (not smelting temps) than green wood. Uncured boards risk turning into warped boards, which will mostly be useful only for firewood, though another workstation may change that. Additionally, charcoal pits made with uncured firewood will have a risk of going out, and produce less charcoal per block.

StumpBulletSmall.png Steaming Cabinet - A steaming cabinet is a method of straightening warped boards so that they aren't wasted. They may also become useful for making items that require careful wood bending. 




StumpBulletSmall.png Known Conflicts StumpBulletSmall.png

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Medieval Fashion: Saws Patches - Working with Ruddi for a solution.

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - OneStick: One stick replaces the axe class in the same way IDG does, making them incompatible.


StumpBulletSmall.png Known Bugs StumpBulletSmall.png

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Firewood: Not Rendering Properly On Chopping Block

InDappledGrovesBulletVerySmall.png - Fruit Trees: When axes are used to chop fruit tree branches, game will freeze and crash.



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.4.10-dev.6 100 2 days ago Show Install now
v0.4.10-dev.5 2134 Jul 25th at 6:56 AM Show Install now
v0.4.10-dev.4 202 Jul 23rd at 5:32 PM Show Install now
v0.4.10-dev.3 397 Jul 19th at 3:02 PM Show Install now
v0.4.10-dev.2 396 Jul 10th at 12:09 AM Show Install now
v0.4.9-rc.8 2606 Apr 25th at 5:41 AM Show Install now
v0.4.7 1537 Dec 15th 2022 at 10:33 PM Show Install now
v0.4.6 363 Dec 6th 2022 at 7:57 AM Show Install now
v0.4.5 131 Dec 6th 2022 at 5:49 AM Show Install now
v0.4.3-rc.2 228 Dec 4th 2022 at 6:00 AM Show Install now

170 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, 2 days ago
A minor change and a simple bug fix.  I'm looking into the Wildfarming incompatibility issue, but it's going to take some time and analysis to determine if compatibility is even possible. Thankfully, I've essentially identified the problem, so that's a start.

- Simplified sawbuck recipe to accept any kind of log slab, barked or debarked. Recipe was always working, but wasn't clear that it wanted debarked slabs.
- Correct ground transform issues with copper and stone axes.

Anyone who can provide me with the specific conditions under which two stumps occur would be helping this fix move forward.  Thankfully, grown trees not having stumps should be simple to fix when Wild Farming is installed.  The double trunk thing I haven't been able to duplicate.
💬 Kinamet, 2 days ago

Vinter_Nacht Awesome. Thanks for all of these cool mods that you've been working on they're all really great.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, 3 days ago

Kinamet - TI've found the general issue; just going to have to fiddle with the settings to get them looking right.  Annoying, but it'll be fixed in the next release.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, 5 days ago

Kinamet - Adding that to the list of bugs to kill over the next few days.

HONKCLUWNE - "I encountered a bug where it seems as acacia trees have 2 stumps, one stacked on the other. It was like this for every tree as far as I could tell."

I believe this is due to a Wildfarming conflict.  I haven't even taken a look at that but I suspect it may not be something resolvable.

Toudi - I thought this was already a thing. I'll have to look into it and get with Taska about it. (Ancient Tools Salve incompatibility).  However, have you tried using SOAKED bark instead of regular bark?

Aspendosia - You go into vintagestorydata/modconfig and look for the IDG config files there.  One should allow you to change the drop rate of firewood.

💬 Kinamet, 5 days ago

Hey just a heads up, with only In Dappled Groves enabled, placing axes next to blocks is a bit messed up. The stone axes can be placed anywhere and you're unable to place any other tool alongside of it. The grub and forest axes don't seem to be affected by this problem. Also when placing a copper axe down the haft aims toward the player, can be placed anywhere, and you can only place one of them as well.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, 5 days ago

Screwy - Except that it isn't my mod causing the problem.

So, I want everyone to know that I'm going to actively working on my mods.  Life has been kickin' me in the shins for a bit. While that hasn't explicitly gotten better, it has resulted in my deciding to focus on writing mods as I'd focus on going to a job every day until I manage to get more income rolling in. (Or, ya know, until I make enough modding to be comfortable. A man can dream.)  You can find us on Patreon if you want to contribute to that.  Regardless, thank you all for enjoying my modding work! I'll be going through this thread and finding the various errors that have been mentioned and seeing what I can do to address them.

Also, I finally got around to sussing out that issue with the sawbuck. The next release will "solve" the problem that was never a problem.  The issue was that the recipe wanted debarked log slabs, not just log slabs, and it wasn't clear about that.  I've made the recipe accept any log slab to remove confusion.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, 6 days ago

Screwy - Absolutely... How bizarre.

💬 Screwy, 6 days ago

Vinter_Nacht Can we have that issue fixed in the next update? Please?



💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Nov 22nd at 7:04 PM

@IKira, you must be new to my mods.  I am staunchly against automation; I don't even like the windmills and only build them for the things you cannot do without them. (I've never built a helve hammer, and wouldn't want to, for instance) While I would support another mod that added automation in a way compatible with my mods, it's unlikely you'll ever see me add it myself.

@bbushh Do you have any other mods installed?  I'm aware this one needs some TLC.

💬 bbushh, Nov 22nd at 6:56 PM

The recipe for the sawbuck doesn't seem to work....great mod btw....the wife ain't so sure but I think I have her convinced it's cool....and oops...I figgered it out....sorry for the bother....



💬 IKira, Nov 17th at 5:51 AM

This mod is amazing but gets boring in the long term, a way to fix its add end-game automatization, soo the mod would be complete :3

💬 EdenGarden, Nov 16th at 1:13 PM


Hey, idk about you, but i tried testing that and didn't get an issue, are u doing something specific?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Nov 15th at 9:32 PM

gndrneutralnoun Are you using any other mods?

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Nov 12th at 6:36 PM

Using the dev.3 version on 1.18.15, I can't saw debarked logs. My character does the animation, but there's no sound and nothing happens. Also I was trying to figure out the issue and put a non-debarked log on top of a debarked log, tried to saw it, and the game crashed. I want to love this mod so much, but it's still suffering from a lot of issues...

💬 HONKCLUWNE, Nov 8th at 3:20 AM

I encountered a bug where it seems as acacia trees have 2 stumps, one stacked on the other. It was like this for every tree as far as I could tell

💬 Toudi, Oct 28th at 5:05 PM

Hi, great mod,
can you fix compatibility with Ancient Tools Salve pots? they seems to require only ancient tools types of bark (pince, oak etc.)
if its not fixable can you at least make a way to convert between thoes types of bark from your mod and Ancient Tools?

💬 Aspendosia, Oct 9th at 8:56 AM

Ketoth - how do I change the mod to change the drops for firewood? I do love this mod for what it adds, and I get the realism thing, but spending a game day to make not a lot of firewood once you hit the bronze and iron stages is sapping joy (pun intended). Thanks.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Oct 6th at 2:36 PM

There is not... But I might consider creating a stumps and hollows mod.  Much credit to SpearAndFang if I do though.  He's the one who made the core code that I hijacked to make stumps, and the hollows are LITERALLY his.  Though the code is now different on the backend.
And yes, they are compatible with Primitive Survival in that they turn off when Primitive Survival is installed and PS handles their generation.

💬 Barhandar, Oct 5th at 1:18 AM

Are there config options/a separate mod with similar functions that only has the visual improvements (stumps, debarked logs) and not the changes to crafting and de-abstractions that make it paradoxically less immersive (you're not chopping/hewing/splitting/sawing wood yourself, you're pressing buttons on your keyboard and mouse, and in-world crafting that takes significant time is actively reminding you of that by having you do nothing but hold a button down)?

Also, I assume the tree hollows are compatible with Primitive Survival, given they explicitly come from there, but a mention that they are and that your trees won't double-down on holes would be nice.

💬 Barjuh, Sep 30th at 4:21 PM

1st, sorry for my poor english level. Hoping it's enough to be understood.

2nd, i love your mod.


Now, my problem :

Playing in 1.18.13, and not able to craft the sawbuck.


When i put the materials in the crafting table (1 plank in each corner and a wood slab in the middle), nothing appear in the result case.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Sep 20th at 2:18 PM


I appreciate the feedback, but "in terms of time investment the current numbers made filling my charcoal pit into a 3 ingame days" is intended behavior.  The one thing I've considered doing is increasing the durability of the tools since turning logs into firewood now takes two durability instead of one.

@T_R_O_L_E - If localization files are provided, I will include them in the releases.

💬 T_R_O_L_E, Sep 20th at 9:03 AM

And how to dismantle blocks of boards in this fashion?
And has anyone played with the Hammer's Ringing Fall mod, why can't I craft a metal knife?


💬 T_R_O_L_E, Sep 19th at 7:08 PM

Hi @Coris, thanks for the advice, also the Butchering mod by CaptainOats had conflicts.
It never ceases to amaze me how valuable a fantastic mod is, especially when I thought of chopping wood on a stick
As I study the mod, I will add reviews
Is there any localization of the mod planned?

💬 Ketoth, Sep 14th at 2:55 PM

Fantastic mod, Quick bit of feedback!

The firewood recipes desperately need tuning to preserve the general balance of the game (Although realistically each tree does drop the right volume of placeable firewood, I did test it against IRL numbers!) it feels like each log slab should drop something between 4 and 8 rather than 2 when being cut in a chopping block, in terms of time investment the current numbers made filling my charcoal pit into a 3 ingame day job when it before it was something that could be done in a day, and the charcoal drop is obviously still the same. That change would also reduce the need to clearcut half a forest every time you want to smith 2 or 3 pieces of gear, which is ridiculous in it's own right, then making firewood piles be 4 firewood per "visual firewood" and drop twice as much coal would also solve the problem with that change making firewood storage less efficient.

that prevents the balance of any other areas of the game being affected while solving the time investment issue I think!

I've made these changes in my local copy of the mod and they feel a whole lot better, hope they get adopted to the main branch so I can save myself some effort whenever I update my mods hahaha!


A second suggestion, this time visual, would be maybe have a check when placing the stumps that they have blocks on all 8 of their adjacent "ground blocks" and at least one "bare" log block above otherwise don't generate it? otherwise it generates derpy "too short for that much root" or "floating root system" trees too often I think

💬 Jimzawy, Sep 9th at 11:24 PM

Hello, love the idea of the mod, wanna add it, but I am afraid of conflicts, I have the Butchering mod by Captainoats:, and I have the drop resins anyway mod by DanaCraluminum, as part of their Dana tweaks mod,, so will the trees still drop Reisn? and does the butchering mod keeps the vanilla rescipes for firwood present?

💬 Coris, Sep 9th at 3:00 AM

Hi Trole! I had a similar issue so I've been doing some experimenting. Firstly, knapped and copper axes aren't changed by this mod, only bronze and higher. I also had vanilla firewood recipe working, but it seems like this was a conflict with the Butchering mod by CaptainOats, which was also having recipe issues. Removing that mod stops vanilla firewood recipe from working for me, try removing that if you have it or your other mods one at a time to check for collisions.

💬 Coris, Sep 8th at 3:04 AM

Trole, the knapped and copper axes are unchanged from vanilla. I also see the vanilla firewood recipe working, but opening a new creative world with only this mod active has it properly disabled. I'm working on hunting down exactly what is re-adding the recipe

💬 T_R_O_L_E, Sep 5th at 8:47 AM

Hi, this is an extremely interesting and great mod, but I'm facing some difficulties.
Maybe it's due to some mods, but I can't craft new types of flint axes, there is also vanilla crafting for firewood and most likely a board (Maybe it should be turned off to motivate to do the chk intended by the mod).
I can also destroy the stump with an ordinary flint ax.
I haven't progressed further with your mod yet, so I can't add anything else yet.
I suspect that there may be a conflict with the Nat's Survival Expanded mod and its tool rebalancing system.
Thank you for your work and great ideas.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Aug 6th at 3:07 PM

Galena - I'm looking into it. And yes, "stumps" without roots aren't stumps... They're just log blocks.

💬 Galena, Aug 6th at 12:58 AM

Pine stump in birch tree


We had broken chunks for some time and saw this after the server restart. It seems like a minor conflict between Wild Farming and In Dappled Groves. Please, solve it.

💬 Galena, Aug 4th at 11:23 AM

Does this mod work correcly with "Wild Farming Revival" from SpearAndFang?

Is that ok that stumps without roots are being destroy faster than stumps with roots? Like few times.

💬 Aspendosia, Aug 1st at 6:44 AM

Vinter_Nacht - thanks for the advices, and, there's ebony wood? Sounds like a nice way to tile the floor if I ever find some.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 31st at 1:47 PM

Aspendosia - More likely it's that certain log types take MUCH longer.  You'll be waiting a hot minute for Ebony with a copper saw, for instance. Every wood has a hardness, and that hardness influences the time it takes to saw it.

💬 Aspendosia, Jul 29th at 6:35 PM

Got it. Seems not to work for all log types? Time to make more saw blades.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 29th at 6:05 PM

The log needs to be upright, so with the "open wood" face on the ground and facing upwards.  The saws take a bit to cut the logs, so be patient. The copper saw can take up to 10 seconds per process, so don't give up. I just realized I should mention: "Right click and hold on the log." and "different wood types have different hardnesses... 10 seconds is for Birch, likely to be quite a bit longer for other woods, especially oak, acacia, ebony."

Better metals make the saw work faster, with Steel being almost instant.

💬 Aspendosia, Jul 29th at 4:01 PM

Can anyone point me in the direction of a really simple guide on how to make boards. I've a saw, I've logs, but they won't interract to give me anything. I've an adze to strip bark, I even used Creative Mode to give me a wrench in case I was orienting things wrong but I can't seem to make it work. I'm a new player (returning after a year or more away) so I'm sure it's a simple step I'm missing, but I dream of cladding my home in planks. Cheers.

💬 SkeletonBJD, Jul 26th at 11:42 PM

I tried to make a bark bundle but right clicking it with the fifth piece will only remove one of the pieces

nevermind, restarted the game and now it works flawlessly

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 25th at 6:56 AM
For Net4 (standard release)
- Adjusted saw times a little more (steel/meteoric iron/iron should be faster)
- Corrected (?) NRE error when moving the cursor off of a block while chopping.
- Ensured animation stops after leaving workstations block mid-recipe.
💬 Moon_Dew, Jul 23rd at 11:55 PM

Logs can't be sawed on the ground in the net4 version of dev4 for some reason.  Can still be sawn on chopping blocks and sawbucks at least.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 23rd at 5:34 PM
A Dev 4 release of the last update.

Note: Saw times have been changed in Dev4/Dev7 copper saws take a while to saw boards, be patient. Get better metal. Let me know if for some reason this only works on my machine.

Also - I think this was already a thing, but sawbucks are made with log slabs in the middle instead of boards to separate that recipe from the bookshelf.


💬 Moon_Dew, Jul 20th at 10:53 PM

Is this compatible with Wild Farming - Revival?  I'm trying to figure out what's preventing me from splitting logs into slabs.

💬 ColbyFrancis, Jul 20th at 3:26 PM

@Vinter_Nacht Somewhat disappointing, yes. I suppose that's the only kind of bark that's suitable, perhaps it's the most pliable or the most resistant to decay/insects, or maybe it's because tulip bark just comes off in big sheets and it makes it much easier to use it for roofing and siding. 

Oh well, it'd be far from the most unrealistic thing in the game should it ever be added :)
Just gotta soak the bark to make it pliable and workable if that's why tulip bark is used, or maybe treat it with resin or something. 

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 20th at 2:21 PM

Moon_Dew I believe it removes the ability to make boards, so yes. I haven't been able to figure out what's breaking it.


@ColbyFrancis I legitimately did not know that was a thing. While poplar siding may be the traditional/real-life bark used for siding, I'd be inclined to make (almost?) any bark usable as siding, just to give players a variety of decorative options. I haven't been able to find any indication that other kinds of bark were used for siding, which is somewhat disappointing.

💬 Moon_Dew, Jul 19th at 7:51 PM

Vinter_Nacht Is it a game-breaking incompatibility?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 19th at 7:18 PM

It's compatible with Ancient Tools, last time Taska and I worked on it together. No idea if that's changed.
Medieval Fashion, on the other hand, has some weird incompatibility I haven't sussed out yet.

💬 Moon_Dew, Jul 19th at 5:17 PM

Compatible with Medieval Fashion yet?  Also, is this compatible with Ancient Tools?

💬 ColbyFrancis, Jul 19th at 3:13 PM

Bark cladding would be pretty cool, too. With this mod I have a habit of assembling my home out of stripped log slabs, and whilst the look they give is pretty neat, something's off about the bare wood just being there. Not sure how realistic that would be, as I think bark cladding is typically done with some form of poplar bark (I think tulip tree poplar?).

Linen can be placed on walls as a thin decoration (for whatever reason), something done like that but with bark would be neat.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 19th at 3:03 PM

- Corrected stump spawning errors occuring with Old English Oaks.
- Corrected issue with recipes with returnblocks producing multiple output stacks.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 19th at 1:18 AM

Thank you for reminding me about the massive bark issue, that's a weird one. Need to figure out what's causing that.  Will address.


I've thought about bark roofing, mulch, sawdust/bark paths, and some other factors.  Keep suggesting ideas!

💬 ColbyFrancis, Jul 18th at 5:46 PM

Having the same issue as Nebularunner.

Unrelated, i'd love to see more uses for tree bark. I highly doubt that will be coming anytime soon, but i'd love to see stuff like bark roofing. It would go great with primitive log cabins :D

💬 thenebularunner, Jul 18th at 3:32 PM

There appears to be an odd bug I've run into.  Only mod enabled is indappledgroves, using a fresh creative world (issue is also present in survival) and on the 1.18.6 rc2 (Unstable) build.  Setting a log on a chopping block and then using an adze to hew it results in the log being 'hewed' multiple times.  This can result in the entire adze being used on the log, creating a massive amount of bark (assuming this is not intended).  This does not happen if the log is placed onto the ground and then hewed, only producing the 4 bark that every log should give.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 18th at 12:46 PM

Curio_ - That's curious indeed!  I'll take a look into it.

💬 Curio_, Jul 17th at 10:24 PM

Running the Net7 Unstable build with the latest version after deleting the modconfig, I've found that large oak trees (the ones that are 2x2 in size) have Pine stumps rather than oak stumps.

I've disabled every other mod I had to see make sure, but even just with this mod running and nothing else it happens. No idea why this would happen :(

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 16th at 12:59 PM

Jena_Thornwyrd - Do you have any other mods installed? Medieval Fashion seems to cause this issue.

<Edit> So I experimented with the current live version and couldn't reproduce your error. Can you provide a mod list?  

"Without result, despite the animation playing." - This strongly suggests that it's Medieval Fashion or something producing a similar error.

💬 Jena_Thornwyrd, Jul 15th at 10:34 PM

Sorry, but, can you describe exactly how to get boards currently (ver ?

I tried maintaining right click with a saw for over 30s on:

  • a log placed on the floor
  • a log on a sawbuck
  • a log on a chopping block

Without result, despite the animation playing.


On Vintage Story x64 - 1.18.6 - .net7 - Linux

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 11th at 12:54 PM


Yes, but not the one from the client area you access by logging into your account through

The one you get at the following link:

💬 Aspenizcool, Jul 10th at 10:14 PM

1.18.6 correct?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 10th at 2:55 PM

@Aspenizcool - Are you using the Net7 release of the game? As the DB entry says, this release and all those after are for the Net7 release.  

You can find it here:

💬 Aspenizcool, Jul 10th at 6:41 AM

deleted the folder and installed the mod, all blocks and items are missing from the mod.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 10th at 12:11 AM


    - Added adze based recipes for fences, gates, and crude doors.
    - Copper axe reintegrated into the system.
    - Randomized number of items that appear in Tree Hollows.
    - Updated Tree Hollow Generation Calc... Configuration value now refers to a per tree chance defaulting to 2% (0.02).
    - Corrected (?) outputs occasionally failing to spawn after processing time.
    - Add oak bark recipe for both strong and weak tannin, and from weak tannin to strong.
    - Updated tree hollow/stump generation to be more cycle efficient
    - Player-grown trees will now get stumps and a chance of having a hollow.
💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 8th at 11:09 PM

DingusBear - Thanks so much! I'm continuing to update it, I just haven't done a release in a while.

💬 DingusBear, Jul 7th at 11:34 PM

I just wanted to say that this mod is really amazing and I can tell you're putting a lot of love into it! Keep up the great work!

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jul 3rd at 6:50 PM

HostilHobbit - Yes, since there is (at present) no vanilla axes in the game when IDG is installed. I'll add it back in when I add back the vanilla copper axe in the next update.
Though it will only be used for making copper axes, and I'm unlikely to add mold support for the more advanced axes.

💬 HostilHobbit, Jul 3rd at 9:35 AM

Was it intended to remove the axe mold?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jun 16th at 3:16 PM

@Ajistar -> Yes, I absolutely intend to make that possible, but it's going to be after I do some updates to make things run smoother.  Got some issues to hammer out.
@gndrneutralnoun -> Good to know, I'll try to look into why this is.
@Mawg -> They were removed to slow the progress to bronze (I almost typed "adult" 😆) tools. Strongly considering reversing this design choice.
@Aspenizcool -> Four pieces of the same kind of bark in a ground storage, then click the ground storage with a fifth piece of the same type.
@RachelTGG -> Should be fully compatible.

💬 Aljistar, Jun 15th at 1:43 AM

Hey boss, great mod!, are you working to include teh tree trunks on planted trees? it kinda sucks to plant my own forest and not have the stumps.

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Jun 13th at 1:37 PM

Report: Having both Ancient Tools and Dappled Groves installed means I can't make any kind of bark flour besides spruce.


💬 Mawg, Jun 11th at 1:54 PM

why no copper axes? is this a bug or why not have any?

💬 Aspenizcool, Jun 6th at 12:57 AM

how do you make bark bundles?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jun 4th at 5:32 PM

@RachelTGG - Ancient Tools should be full compatibility, same with Primitive Survival.

💬 RachelTGG, May 29th at 6:59 PM

How is the compatibility of this with Primitive Survival/Ancient Tools?


💬 GON, May 11th at 6:39 PM

Understandable, thank you for answering :)

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, May 11th at 5:01 PM

@GON - There is no support for First Person animations, which significantly complicates the process. or it would already be done. I couldn't find any way to make those animations happen while building this mod. The second it can be done, it absolutely will.

💬 GON, May 11th at 3:12 PM

Would it be possible to add an option to use the existing axe swings animations while chopping? The lack of visual feedback was very confusing for me at first - I was in a rainy area and didn't hear the chopping, so it just looked like things weren't working at first.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, May 6th at 2:38 PM


There is in 3rd person, there isn't in 1st person because first-person animations aren't really supported yet by VS.  There are obviously a few that exist, but they're added in a way that makes them... laborious... to reproduce.  When Tyron adds FP animation support, there will be.  In 3rd person, you should be chopping.

💬 Toudi, May 5th at 10:24 AM

any idea why there is no axe animation when chopping with right click?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, May 4th at 3:01 PM


Try deleting the config file folder (Modconfig/indappledgroves, and all its contents) and restarting your game. Alternately, change "Treefellingdivisor" to any non-zero positive value. 2 is the default.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, May 4th at 2:54 PM


I won't be integrating any kind of mechanically powered devices until the existing mechanical devices have a method available for making them break down, destroy equipment, and require maintenance.  I'm not interested in reducing the time necessary to produce materials.While I could theoretically integrate this functionality into the saw itself (breaking down/etc), it's not high on my priority list.

The primary purpose of my mod design is to create industries for people in a multiplayer setting, and automating that process hurts that goal rather significantly.  However, I'd certainly support the creation of a companion mod such as you suggest.


Thank you for mentioning that; I did find a solution for it that will be coming out in the next update. The center board has been changed to a slab.

💬 bringitonwimps, May 4th at 3:48 AM

a random suggestion as im sitting hear swing my wonderful splitting maul.  how about a mechanical powered saw, so we can make a saw mill.  maybe a active block about 4 or five blocks long where you add wood to one end of the blocks on a "conveyer" of sorts and then it pulls the wood down to saw and spitts out boards?.. could maybe be used with a hopper to automate?  maybe not in this mod either but maybe as a companion mod for this?  just a thought, idk how to mod but i enjoy using them.  :-)

💬 Plumeria, May 2nd at 5:51 PM

Hello there, the sawbuck recipe that uses 5 of the same wood type of board makes a bookshelf instead. It does work though if you change the middle board with a different board though but I just thought I'd put this out there anyways. 

💬 Credinus, May 1st at 6:49 PM

Vinter_Nacht I don't blame 'ya. I don't think XSkills is the culprit since the issue persisted even after removing it, but we've had a couple other mods with unusual issues, so I think it's just a side effect of having a lot of mods thrown together that are still in the early stages of 1.18 releases. I've sidelined IDG temporarily but will continue to investigate and if I figure out what other mod(s) installed may be causing the issue, I'll let you and authors of those mods know. Great work on the mod, though, the immersion it adds from replacing boring old crafting grid recipes is really awesome!

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, May 1st at 5:04 PM

@Credinus I can confirm it isn't a Wildcraft trees issue. I use it extensively with no issues at all.  If it's an XSkills issue, it's going to be on someone else to solve it. I do not, and will not, supports mods that add skills, or otherwise explicitly/exclusively promote the use of classes.  I will happily add any fixes to the mod that someone else wants to take the time to create, but I won't be doing it myself. It's not a valuable use of my development time as I have a strong belief neither of these (Skills or Classes) have any place in Vintage Story.  We all gotta have our lines, that one is mine.



In Dappled Groves removes copper axes of all kinds from the game, the next tier of tool is Tin-Bronze after Obsidian. The other errors are ones that result from the removal of the tool, and they aren't really "errors", they're simply warnings alerting the server/client to the fact that these things are absent.  Also, all "felling axes" (The vanilla axe) of any metal tier have been removed as well.

"'game:textures/block/snow/normal1.png' not found (defined in Baked variant of block indappledgroves:logslab-aged-barked-north-free)." <- I'll look into this to see if a solution is available.

💬 Credinus, Apr 30th at 9:54 PM

Vinter_Nacht I tested and both Wildcraft Trees saplings and vanilla saplings are not growing stumps and we are still unable to break down trees from anything but stump blocks (tested with willow and pine seeds, both are single block standard trees). Since you have not seen this issue on your end, it seems like it's probably a compatibility issue with another mod, presumably Wildcraft Trees or XSkills. I tested after freshly removing the IDG folder from ModConfig and planting fresh seeds.

What's puzzling to me is that I would've assumed that a compaibility issue would've caused the opposite effect, ie being able to only cut trees down from non-stump blocks and stump blocks not being recognized, but in any case, that's where we are at. To make sure it wasn't just an animation issue, I spawned in a steel forest axe and hacked away at the trees for a good minute to make sure it wasn't a weird resistance setting and was not the case. I'll dig through my mods list and see if there's any other mods that MIGHT be affecting treecutting, but even Wildcraft shouldn't affect it, so XSkills is the only thing I can think of. If I can't find any other mods that might be interfering, I'll test with XSkills disabled and report back if removing XSkills fixed the issue.

UPDATE: Removing XSkills did not resolve the problem and I can't think of any other mods on there that would affect treecutting or tree growth, so I'm out of ideas as to what may be the culprit. I'll keep digging and trying things throughout the week to see if I can find something that might suggest the cause. We've been having unusual compatibility issues with some other mods as well that render those mods completely unusable, so I think it's likely just growing pains the new 1.18 versions of everything throwing up hard-to-diagnose conflicts right now. No doubt they'll work themselves out over time!

💬 Garbo, Apr 30th at 9:37 PM

Vinter_Nacht this is a liittle late but the basket guide crash appears to have just been conflicting with something. it works fine alone.


However I found another issue. I cannot make any copper axes for some reason. they don't even show up in the creative menu. theres only bronze and up.

30.4.2023 14:11:43 [Error] Cannot resolve stack randomizer item with code axe-felling-copper, wrong code?
30.4.2023 14:11:43 [Error] Cannot resolve stack randomizer item with code axe-felling-copper, wrong code?
30.4.2023 14:11:45 [Notification] Received level finalize
30.4.2023 14:11:45 [Notification] Loaded Shaderprogramm for render pass clouds.
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-tinbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-bismuthbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-blackbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-tinbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-bismuthbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-blackbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] ===============================================================
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] (x_x) Captured 18 issues during startup:
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Texture asset 'game:textures/block/snow/normal1.png' not found (defined in Baked variant of block indappledgroves:logslab-aged-barked-north-free).
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Error] Cannot resolve stack randomizer item with code axe-felling-copper, wrong code?
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Error] Cannot resolve stack randomizer item with code axe-felling-copper, wrong code?
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-tinbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-bismuthbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-blackbronze in tradehandbookinfo Building materials trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-tinbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-bismuthbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] Failed resolving a blocks itemdrop or smeltedstack with code game:axe-felling-blackbronze in tradehandbookinfo Survival goods trader
30.4.2023 14:11:46 [Warning] ===============================================================

Idk if this is helpful but lmk if you need something else.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 30th at 12:00 PM


Not really intended, but not what I consider a problem.  Will have to make a note about it in the handbook.

💬 ArchieBoop, Apr 30th at 1:08 AM

Not sure if this is intended but bark does not soak in sea water.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 30th at 12:20 AM


None of my mods are, or likely ever will be, compatible with XSkills or anything that adds, modifies, or supports classes in VS.  I am not against others doing the footwork to create that compatibility, but it's not something I'll ever support or spend development time in. I'm opposed to the integration of skills into VS, and similarly opposed to classes, even in their vanilla forms.



I generally provide the option to modify certain aspects of the mod, depending on how deeply they're integrated into the overall mod and how many things they touch.  However, it's important to understand that I don't mod for a casual play experience, and thus any support for it will be extremely low on my priority list.  Also, what do you mean by "tool speed."  If you're referring to the vanilla mining speed of the tools, it's already integrated into the mod. As for the critical bug, what do you mean it only breaks the full log?  Instead of what?  If you mean it produces log slabs, then you have to chop the log slabs into firewood.

💬 Devilofether, Apr 29th at 7:00 PM

I have a critical bug, I cannot split logs with a flint axe at the very least. when I hover over, there is a rotate overlay with a wrench from the qptech chiseling mod, pressing "F" brings up the splitting option (the only option), but it only breaks the full log. this makes it nearly impossible to create firepits or charcoal piles early game, even if you find an alternative fuel source. also I want the option to opt-out of certain features like wood curing and warping; it doesn't fit in a more casual playthrough. can you also make tool speed affect the special actions of the axes

edit: I reloaded the game, that fixed it

💬 Jenpai, Apr 29th at 3:07 AM

Does anyoneknow if dappled groves is compatable with xskills? For example I have afforestation skill 2/2 on xskills which is 20% more saplings for breaking leaves. but I'm not sure if it's working.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 28th at 8:29 PM

@Credinus -> I have a suspicion. There are two types of trees that don't spawn with trunks. 1 - Those that have narrow logs, and 2. Four square trees (the bigguns) generally don't spawn with them either.  I haven't encountered anything that should look like an issue in the first one.  The second one, however, will often look like no progress is being made because they take a long time to break because of their sheer size.  Due to some element I have yet to suss out, trees don't really show that they're actually being felled until a moment or two before they do. This can give the impression that the big trees aren't being cut down at all until suddenly they are.

In either case, I've been unable to replicate your issue on a remote server, or in a solo game. Further research is needed.  Also, the leaf thing was, in fact, IDG.  So your update would've fixed that.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 28th at 8:17 PM

GarboI'm not currently able to replicate that, can you provide me with a log?

Credinus - Have you deleted the config file from the server and the users? I don't think it's related, but it might help.  I'll look into the references I already have.

💬 Credinus, Apr 28th at 7:15 PM

I've got good news and bad news! The good news is after updating this and XSkills, we are no longer having the floating leaf issue. I -think- it may have been tied to not being able to cut from the roots previously, and now that we can do that it's working fine.

Now the bad news: It seems we can't cut trees down from blocks that -aren't- rooted stumps anymore, which is an issue because our trees planted from seeds are not generating with rooted stumps. Worldgen trees are still generating their rooted stumps just fine and are able to be cut down (although if you try to cut them down from a block above the roots, it will run into the same issue), but chopping at a block without roots gets it about 2 stages into breaking and then doesn't go beyond that. This is true at least of planted Wildcraft Trees species, we haven't planted any vanilla trees from seeds yet to verify on that front. I don't know if there's a command or creative mode tool to insta-grow saplings, if there is, I can test that, but for sure planted Wildcraft Trees saplings are not producing rooted stumps which prevents them from being able to be cut down.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 26th at 10:31 PM

@Garbo - Is this on the latest release? Do you know precisely where you're selecting bark baskets (Which entry) that's causing the crash?  I'm asking because that was one of the issues that was addressed in the parade of updates this weekend past.

💬 Garbo, Apr 26th at 2:40 AM

having an issue where selecting bark baskets in the hand book causes a crash. any advice is apreciated.

💬 Dyshonoured, Apr 25th at 10:30 PM

Vinter_Nacht - I deleted and regenerated the config and the issue was solved. Thank you.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 25th at 9:44 PM

WillyMcBride - Did you install after using a previous version? Did you delete the config file?

💬 WillyMcBride, Apr 25th at 6:51 PM

I'm also getting the issue where you cannot cut down trees with a flint axe despite how long you chop for. This is in the newest version :)

💬 Burgersim, Apr 25th at 2:13 PM

Is there a way or command to regenerate tree stumps for trees and chunks that are already generated? I tried to set the "RunTreeGenOnChunkReload" to true but that seemed to tank my server with "

[Server Notification] Tried to get block outside generating chunks! Set RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug." only running anymore in the console.

Also I have set the treefellingdivisor to 10 but it still seems very slow (or basically like nothing happens), what would be the "vanilla" value?
Edit: I have set it to 90 and it still doesn't seem like a tree is getting cut down, I hope I didn't break anything with the "true" setting before tbh...
I tried it with a backup from before I set that parameter and it still didn't work though, so probably not the issue...

Edit: I removed the old config I had on my client and that seemed to fix it
💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 25th at 1:23 PM

There are no copper axes in IDG. I believe Copper Adzes are absent as well.

How long did you wait while trying to cut down the tree? It can take a bit, depending on the size and type of the tree.

Also, be aware you can change the config file if it is taking too long for your liking. 

Just increase the "treefellingdivisor" setting in the config file.  It's currently set to 2, the higher the number, the faster trees fall.

💬 Dyshonoured, Apr 25th at 11:38 AM

I cannot seem to cut down any tree with a stone axe. I'm using the latest rc.

Also copper forest axe seems to be missing

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 25th at 5:41 AM

- Corrected issue where axes would break any block they touch instantly. 

This mod is officiall the reason I drink. >.<

💬 IgnorGTO, Apr 25th at 5:04 AM
💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 25th at 4:14 AM

@Credinus - You should also be aware you're going to want to update to RC (Sob) 8.  This whole weekend has been a case of fix something, break something else. >.<


💬 Credinus, Apr 25th at 3:44 AM

Awesome work, thanks for confirming about the leaves. I'll update the server to the latest version later this week and see if it happens to fix it, but it sounds like it's a conflict from another mod, so no sweat. I'll dig through all of our mods and see if any of them interact with tree felling other than XSkills, and if not, I'll post about it for Xandu to take a look at and see if it's a compatibility issue that can be fixed on his end. :p

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 11:46 PM

Again, seriously sorry about all the releases this weekend.  But thank you to everyone who made it all come together into what I hope is a fully working version, including with corrected tree felling times!

Now go break it again, I got a few hours before bed. XD

- Corrected treefelling times
- Altered how treeResistance is determined
- Adding "treeFellingDivisor" configurable option to impact how final treeResistance is determined.
- Set to 2 by default, which halves the resistance of the tree. Higher numbers reduces the resistance, lower increases.
- Fix firewood block lang entry

💬 Burgersim, Apr 24th at 9:10 PM

Vinter_Nacht I'm not sure about the issue tbh. They told me that it happened with "normal" trees (which are the ones that don't look like they have stumps, because they were generated before we added the mod) and it still doesn't happen for me, but I had no chance yet to try anything else than stone or flint tools, which for me at least cut down a whole tree without leaving the bottom block intact


Ok, so I was able to break a tree, including a stump block with my flint axe in one go, should that be possible?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 7:14 PM

Credinus - No, the leaves should be falling with the latest (few) updates.  

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 7:13 PM

Keep me updated about that stump issue, they shouldn't be removed when you cut down the tree.

I got rid of the crash, but the tree-felling mechanic definitely needs some additional tweaking.

- Hotpatch to fix crashing when axe breaks. Became apparent further tweaking of tree resistance is going to be necessary, trees fall too fast.

💬 Burgersim, Apr 24th at 6:07 PM

Could it be that vanilla axes somehow ignore the stump mechanic? some players on our server told me for them the stumps stayed but for me and a friend it doesn't seem to work and the whole tree gets cut down. The only difference I can really see is that we're still using stone and flint axes and they used bronze.

Btw just as a side note, I think you're doing great work and I hope you don't stress out too much about the issues. The mod is still really great as are your other mods,  which we're also using happily on our Server :3

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 6:03 PM

... There are some definite issues in the latest release, somehow updating the mod to run and take advantage of some recent API updates has removed some of its more important base functionality.
Namely, controlling the speed at which trees were cut down.  There's also crashes that happen when a tool breaks.

I can release an update to address the crash, but the reduction in how long it takes to cut down trees isn't quite going to be in place.  Will release the solution for at least the first by tonight.

💬 Credinus, Apr 24th at 5:50 PM

Our server has been having an issue where felling trees with this mod's tools is preventing the leaves from breaking/clearing (which also means no seeds/sticks dropping without going up and hitting them). It's possible this is a conflict with XSkills, since I know it has some code that triggers on tree felling that affects leaf drops, but I'm not sure. Is this known/expected behavior?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 2:00 PM

@AngryOscar - Having lived in a mountainous area, I can tell you that's relatively close to what can happen in reality. Believe me, I know how weird it can look.

@IgnorGTO - What other mods do you have installed? I tested that a couple of ways, and I'm wondering if there's a conflicting patch.

💬 IgnorGTO, Apr 24th at 6:54 AM

24.4.2023 09:39:39 [Error] Patch 0 (target: game:blocktypes/wood/woodtyped/log.json) in indappledgroves:patches/wildcrafttrees/trees.json failed because supplied path /resistanceByType/ is invalid: The json path /resistanceByType/ was not found. No such element 'resistanceByType' at the root path

💬 AngryOscar, Apr 24th at 5:46 AM

The root blocks looks slightly strange when not on flat ground. Cool mod though

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 4:08 AM

Sorry about the multiple releases tonight... People quickly found problems that needed resolving.  This latest one was a weird one. A patch somehow replaced (rather than added) the value (even though the OP said add, for those who know).  Which resulted in the firewood losing a vital attribute.  Gods willing, this is the last patch of the night. XD


- Hotpatch to Fix Firewood Issue

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 3:50 AM

Well isn't that just a pain in the ass.  No, you haven't done anything wrong.  But now I have to figure out where that's happening. >.<

💬 Meraki_Install, Apr 24th at 3:44 AM

Trying to create a firepit, but the firewood won't attach to the dry grass on the ground. Did something change in that regard with this mod or am I doing something wrong?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 3:44 AM

- Corrected missing ruined axes.
- Cleaned up a few console errors.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 24th at 2:19 AM

- Corrected logs from large trees (nw/ne/se/sw) not being able to be chopped in the world.
- Removed vanilla recipes for debarked logs and support beams
- Integrated debarked logs and support beam recipes as appropriate.
- Made updates to the handbook
- Continued working on Wildcraft Trees Integration, but some Lang file entries still aren't taking.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 23rd at 4:27 PM

My apologies to the assembled, I'll be releasing another update today.  Something went sideways with the above upload, and I'm not 100% what it is.
It was 5am... >.>

💬 Yanazake, Apr 23rd at 2:07 PM

This mod looks so interesting but I can't bring myself to add it to my current or next session list. 🙁

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 23rd at 9:07 AM

New fixes out!

- Updated various blocks to use some clever options to reduce name bloat in the lang file.
- Corrected missing textures on Adze's and Bark Baskets
- Updated Handbook Entries for greater clarity
- Removed recipes for firewood and planks (again?)
- Removed Copper and Tin Bronze vanilla axes.
- Made firewood able to be used in Clay Ovens again.

@Burgersim - Hmm... Will look into the Douglas Fir Issue. (Edit: Is fixed for next release... Time to polish out some naming things as well)

💬 Burgersim, Apr 23rd at 8:17 AM

Vinter_Nacht@ gotta say, really love the mod so far, btw I think I was wrong, only the naming is "weird" but I was able to make a chopping block from cedar wood at least, gotta try douglas fir again, maybe I just did it wrong


Edit: yeah I think it might be the specific quarter logs for bigger versions of trees, like douglas fir that don't work

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 22nd at 4:16 PM


Good advice. I will try to remember to make these changes in the next release. Got a few things to address.

@ Burgersim

You didn't sound snarky, and you're likely right about that. :)  I'll look into it further.

💬 Burgersim, Apr 22nd at 9:04 AM

Vinter_Nacht so I'm guessing not being able to split and hew a Wildcraft Trees Log into a chopping block is due to wriong naming? I can hew it and get bark tho, but I wasn't able to split it with an axe to get slabs.

Edit: I did not in any way mean to ound snarky, so if I did, I apologize, I was just speculating what might be the cause, specifically I tried it with douglas fir and it didn't work, if that helps

💬 RoraxModerator, Apr 22nd at 2:48 AM

Currently Vinter_Nacht the problem seems to be that the handbook doesn't tell you WHAT can use hewing mode. It took some real scrabbling about before I realized that you added the "adze" tool, then made it, then discovered its hewing mode. Prior to that point I was assuming "hewing" was something I could only get from a greater level of axe.

This can be resolved by simply providing a better description in your tool modes guide about what tools have what modes. That the Adze entry also mentions that it has the hewing mode available. And that the page for the chopping block mentions that the adze has the hewing mode.

I'd also like to report that it seems that leaves from trees are not decaying when the tree is cut down. I do have wildcraft trees installed so perhaps its an interaction with that. 

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 21st at 12:32 PM

S0lanaceae32 - I'm going to have to resolve this issue since you aren't the only one who's mentioned it.  A chopping block is made by splitting a log into wood slabs.  You can do this by placing a log and holding shift+rmc while holding an axe until the log is split into two slabs.  You can then take the slab, lay it FLAT on the ground, and shift+rmc it with a tool with the hewing mode, such as an adze.  It will then convert into a chopping block.

Do know that the chopping block isn't necessary for most of the things it can be used for. It simply makes the process somewhat faster.

💬 S0lanaceae32, Apr 21st at 10:26 AM

I have absolutely no idea how to make the chopping block, i look at the ingame handbook and everything but i see no way to actually craft the chopping block?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 21st at 2:05 AM

I noticed that I need to add some lang entries to support Wildcraft Trees compatibility.  Will get out ASAP, hopefully before the weekend.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 20th at 3:38 PM

I'm already getting reports of issues. Be sure to post them here so I can address them quickly.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 20th at 2:48 PM

The new release is out, and yes, I'm aware that firewood doesn't look right on the chopping block and that, presumably, aged firewood doesn't work on it at all.  I was more interested in getting a reasonably stable release out ASAP then fixing these minor cosmetic issues right away.  I'll address those next.  Keep me posted on weirdnesses!

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Apr 10th at 2:28 PM

@Neoforerunner - The release will happen with the first stable release.  It has been my policy to both provide benefits to my patrons and ensure that the release is as stable as possible.  Realistically, I can't control what you do with the mod once it's in your hands as a Patron. Just know that if you use it on your server, you'd have to distribute it individually to your server members, as it won't download from the DB.

💬 Neoforerunner, Apr 9th at 8:29 PM

Is there gonna be an update on this? What if I get the mod as a patreon? Will everyone on my server have to become patreon as well?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Feb 21st at 10:16 PM

The most recent release of In Dappled Groves is up for Patrons on my Patreon, find the link above.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jan 18th at 12:09 AM

I am currently not modding until Feb 1st due to RL issues, I will address these concerns after that date.

💬 Intreeg, Jan 17th at 10:18 PM

Thanks Jerno. I was able to get this mod working after uninstalling CarryOn. Issues burning peat were due to a conflict with another mod it seems. Works fine after removing the mods with dependancy errors in the server log.

💬 Jerno, Jan 17th at 5:07 AM

I am also having a compatability issue with CarryOn for whatever reason? With this mod installed I can no longer place bark baskets from ancient tools on my back or carry them around. I do not understand why this is and I would appreciate a look into the matter, as the baskets in ancient tools otherwise work completely fine with CarryOn. I assume that your mod replaces the ancient tools bark baskets with its own, and you have forgotten to implement the option of using carryon with them, while the original mod author of ancient tools did.

💬 Jerno, Jan 16th at 10:50 PM

How do I create a chopping block? All I can do with the adze is strip bark. The descriptions in the guide menus are not very helpful.

💬 Aescula, Jan 16th at 7:26 AM

@Vinter_Nacht (Sorry everyone else for taking up so much space, I don't actually know how to DM)
Acorns 0.5.1
A Culinary Artillery 1.0.11
Alloy Calculator 1.0.0
Animal Cages 2.0.6
AnMiTech 1.1.0
AnvilMetalRecovery+ 0.1.18-rc2
Campaign Cartographer 3.1.2
BetterRuins 0.0.6
Blacksmiths 0.3.0-pre1
CarryCapacity 0.6.5
Convert Fish 0.1.0 (my own mod, not on the mod portal, will not interact, just allows us to convert one kind of fish to another)
Expanded Foods 1.6.4
Expanded Matter 1.1.0
Farmland Drops Soil 1.4.0
Ferrospear 1.0.1
Feverstone Wilds Golem 1.4.0
Fix Bad Recipes 1.0.2
Fox Taming 1.2.0
Full Drop 1.0.0
Hide and Fabric 1.2.9
HQZ Lights 1.0.0
Increased Burn Time x2 1.0.0
Instant Firepits 4.0.0
Knapping Mastery 1.0.1
Lichen 1.6.1
Medieval Expansion 3.8.1
Meteoric Expansion 1.2.2
More Molds 1.2.0
More Piles 1.2.2
More Roads & Paths 1.5.1
MoreStickCrafts 1.17.9-1.0
More Torch Holders 1.0.0
Necessaries Mod 1.1.3 (plus fix rc1)
OneStick (Tree Felling Fix) 1.0.1
Pet AI 1.5.5
Place Every Item 1.3.0
Place Every Tool 1.0.1
Primitive Survival 3.1.1
Re-Smeltables Light 1.0.0
Recycle Sacks 0.0.1
Stackables 2.0.5
Stone Quarry 2.0.0-rc4
Stone Railings 1.0.4
Tiered Soil 1.0.0
Useful Drifter Loot 1.0.1
Useful Scraps 2.0.2
Useful Stuff 1.17 1.0.2
Vanilla Variants 2.0.1
Volumetric Shading 0.7.0
Weavers Weed 0.4.17
Wildcraft Trees 1.1.4
Wildcraft 1.5.1
Wolf Taming 1.5.4
Wood Barrels 1.0.3
Wood Chests 1.0.3
XLib 0.6.14
XSkills 0.6.14
ZoomButton 1.3.0

I also had a crash when trying to use atin bronze saw on a loaded sawbuck in multiplayer (Other player hosts). And when trying to use a saw on a log without the sawbuck.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Jan 15th at 9:56 PM

@Intreeg - It shouldn't be terribly difficult to get firewood in early game anyway, and I didn't make any changes to peat, so that's curious.
@Aescule - What's your mod list?  Feel free to DM me.

💬 Aescula, Jan 15th at 3:57 AM

It turns out the issues we were having are probably due to mod conflicts. Something changes the flint axe and it doesn't have the menu. Haven't tried with copper. We may have to suffer without more in-depth woodcutting. Shame.

💬 Intreeg, Jan 15th at 12:58 AM

Beginner Tip (Not directly evident):

Procuring Firewood - As stated in the mod's summary, press F to select the tool mode (the only 1 available for stone ax) to create firewood. In addition to that you will need to hold down the right mouse click for a few seconds on a vertically oriented log. Note that the ax will not move but you should hear chopping and see your shadow chopping.

💬 Aescula, Jan 14th at 5:40 AM

Is there any plan to make flint tools usable with this? Cause wow is it really annoying to have to just straight-up use logs until you get to BRONZE.

💬 Maxim_inc, Dec 31st 2022 at 3:40 AM

I've been unable to find any oak trees since I installed the mod and have been forced to spawn in oak for me to use for tannin. 

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 18th 2022 at 5:28 PM

I'm working on Wildcraft Trees at the moment, and should be able to have the compatibility in place within a day or two.

💬 Yanazake, Dec 18th 2022 at 5:12 PM

Alright, hopefully the next iteration of Wild Farming will be compatible, and also having compatibility between both and wildcraft trees would be perfection.

💬 Ryker, Dec 15th 2022 at 11:10 PM

I'll hold off until it supports Wildcraft Trees, but I'm definitely curious to try it out! Anything to give more details to the lumberjack process, versus just handling them the old "hold down the mouse on the tree and use x tool on the logs in the crafting table the for desired result."

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 15th 2022 at 10:04 PM

@YourCreator - I need to release an update to address that. Somehow I broke stump spawning with the last update, as well as the saws. I'll get a quick patch for the saws (and maybe stumps) out tonight.

💬 YourCreator, Dec 14th 2022 at 5:57 PM

i have copper saw and no planks appears when i rclck on log (character plays animation and no sound).
how much time it takes??

💬 Singlas, Dec 9th 2022 at 7:17 PM


I will be look forward when you add foliage regeneration, it's make game more beautiful

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 7th 2022 at 7:23 PM

FireFrost - You'll have to provide specific examples. Taska took pains to make sure our mods were compatible, so you may want to report that on her site.
@Singlas - You aren't wrong, will add it to the list of future additions. (If I can figure out how to make it elegant)

Yanazake - Not that I'm immediately aware of.

💬 Yanazake, Dec 7th 2022 at 1:06 PM

I know wild farming is nearly dead at this point, but I guess your mod isn't compatible with it thanks to the tree stumps/hollows being forced on the trees.
Any other incompatibilities you can think of?

💬 Singlas, Dec 6th 2022 at 9:19 PM

Also a good idea to add regeneration the tree foliage

💬 FireFrost, Dec 6th 2022 at 10:35 AM

anyway to make this compatable with ancient tools? both are using bark and yours overrides ids ect i think , not sure just get missing tectures on the ancient tools bark used for healing salves ect . thanks 

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 6th 2022 at 7:58 AM

Sorry about the quick upload of another version. It turns out I broke stump spawning in the last one, had to get that update out quick.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 6th 2022 at 5:51 AM

Alright. Corrected the issue with the axe not working; my apologies about that. I never quite got around to testing the basic function of the axe prior to releasing it, and I had an oversight that led to a death loop.  This is what was causing your crashes.  It should be fixed now.  Also, firewood now only gives 2 sticks instead of 4.  Was a bit OP, that.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 5th 2022 at 4:51 PM

@Rocksawe - If you have the saw, you should just have to right-click-hold the saw on a log in the same fashion you right-click-hold the axe on a block to make slabs.  Will check to make sure it's working in my version, but it was before I packaged it.
-> I checked it and it's working. Discovered your potential problem though, make sure the log is ud facing (rings up, not bark up), and see if that fixes it.  All the log recipes are currently keyed to only accept logs in that configuration. Will consider changing.

Filvandrel - It's on the list, gotta thing about how to do it. The problem is logs are a 1mx1m square, and I'd prefer not to have 'magical shrinking blocks'. Though I suppose that's inevitable with the chests.  

💬 Filvandrel, Dec 5th 2022 at 3:08 PM

Sweet mod! :D I always wanted an immersive way of processing wood in VS, and I'm also a big fan of From Golden Combs. ^^
Btw. it would be nice if you added an immersive way of storing wood logs, like a pallet or something, so they could be stacked like firewood logs. It would be a nice addition in my opinion.

💬 RockSowe, Dec 5th 2022 at 4:28 AM

Sawing doesnt seem to be functining, maybe I'm doing something wrong, run me through it?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 4th 2022 at 3:41 PM

@Pamela - Wildcraft trees? Without question.

@RockSowe - The same way you chop wood. You use a saw on a placed log, or on a log placed in a sawbuck.

💬 Pamela, Dec 4th 2022 at 1:51 PM

Are you going to incorporate Wildcraft trees??

💬 RockSowe, Dec 4th 2022 at 10:11 AM

How do you make boards?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 4th 2022 at 7:02 AM

Just a heads up, the wonky spawning habits of the tree stumps has been noted. I should have that fixed in the next release. The stump spawning results from my tinkering with it and trying to improve its behavior.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 4th 2022 at 6:10 AM

Alright, ladies, gentlemen, and players of all other genders.  I checked the change log only to realize I've been working on this since 1.15, and it hasn't had a release until now.  I expect tomorrow to show multiple reports of a million little bugs that still need fixing.  The documentation in the handbook isn't entirely complete, but I couldn't keep you waiting any longer. I'll release updates with the completed handbook entries as soon as possible.  While it doesn't contain everything I want it to, it certainly contains enough at this point to represent a full-play experience as a mod. 

Some things to know going in... Expect trees to take significantly longer to chop down with your early-game tools, and be patient with chopping your wood down to slabs and into firewood.  It will take time until you get tools worthy of the name.  Early in the game, flint will have notably better than every stone but obsidian, and obsidian will provide the best results until you can hedge your way into copper.  Once you have a copper axe, that'll be the last generic axe you make.  Have fun discovering the rest from there on out.  If you don't have the patience for the default settings, go into the config and adjust the following:

"baseWorkstationMiningSpdMult": 1.25, -> Increasing this increases the effectiveness of tools on a workstation.
"baseWorkstationResistanceMult": 1.0, -> Increasing this makes blocks take longer to break on a workstation, reducing it makes blocks break faster on a workstation.
"baseGroundRecipeMiningSpdMult": 1.0, -> As above but for in-world recipes
"baseGroundRecipeResistaceMult": 1.0, -> As above but for in-world recipes

Good luck and good timbering!

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Dec 3rd 2022 at 4:07 PM

I had a busy week last week that distracted me from the final polish. Trying to work on it this morning. It's mostly all documentation, but I think even that's to the point where it's tolerable for release.  

💬 Whitaker, Dec 1st 2022 at 3:37 PM

what's the news on this being released?

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Nov 23rd 2022 at 2:54 AM

Those tracking the progression of this mod may be interested to know that a release candidate has been published to my Patreon subscribers. If all goes well, this will be released to the public on the 28th.

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Nov 13th 2022 at 6:26 AM

Did some tinkering with the tools today to establish their time for use based off the Kapok log.
The type of log is relevant since all logs have a difference resistance based off their Janka hardness score.
Kapok is roughly vanilla in resistance.
Ebony is a BEAST.

Splitting a Kapok log into log slabs with each tool:

On the ground.
Any non-flint/obsidian stone axe: 6.1s
flint axe: 5.3s
obsidian axe: 4.7s
copper axe: 3.5s
grubaxe-tinbronze: 2.3
forestaxe-tinbronze: 1.7
maul-tinbronze: 1s
grubaxe - steel: 1.4s
forestaxe - steel: 1s
maul - steel: .7s

On the chopping block
game:axe-(Any non-obsidian/flint): 4.3s
game:axe-flint: 3.7s
game:axe-obsidian: 3.31s
game:axe-copper: 2.409s
grubaxe-tinbronze: 1.61s
forestaxe-tinbronze: 1.171s
maul-tinbronze: 0.681s
grubaxe-steel: 0.969s
forestaxe-steel: 0.745s
maul-steel: 0.411s

💬 Vinter_NachtAuthor, Nov 7th 2022 at 11:45 PM

@Whitaker - I've set the ModSystem that produces TreeHollows not to load if Primitive Survival is installed. I feel like it's a hack fix, but it seems to do the job. Taska is handling compatibility with bark baskets, adze, and bark.

💬 Whitaker, Nov 7th 2022 at 5:40 PM

so excited for this. might not play until it's released other than to test mods, lol

i'm somewhat new to modding, so i do have one question

how will compatibility work, with primitive survival also adding hollows?

(edit comment delete)