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Category: #Cosmetics #Crafting #QoL #Tweak
Author: Mr1k3
Side: Both
Created: Apr 5th at 10:15 PM
Last modified: Apr 5th at 10:15 PM
Downloads: 467

This mod adds a bunch of new recipes, and the goal to make some useless items useful.

These are some items with new recipes:


  • Echo-chamber now craftable with a temporal gear and diamond for cost.
  • Leather block (not shown in handbook in 1.14 because its a creative item, its 4 leather in a square for 2).
  • All quartz blocks, recipes can use clear quarts for more blocks.
  • Beehive blocks, you wont get back as many resources as you used to craft it, but it is a nice seed for bee farms.
  • Vintage beef, lasts forever but needs honey and a year in a barrel to create, ratio is 1 honey portion (0.25) to 8 cooked red meat, takes 36 days to make.
  • Sticks! Can be made from a saw on boards for 2, knife on firewood for 1, or bamboo stakes with a knife for 3.
  • Blasting powder can be created with any coal/charcoal with varying amounts of return, and rot can be used as a substitute for sulfur, although you will get less powder for using rot.
  • Ore bombs can be made with 2 beeswax in addition to the vanilla recipe.
  • Fly agarics can be used to improve horsetail reed poultice to the reed honey-sulfur bandage, a placeholder recipe.
  • Torch holder recipe was changed to use a plate and an ingot for two, that way its more competitive with the lantern.

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Mr1k3, Jul 30th at 5:32 AM

Currently working on version 1.15+, removing blasting powder recipes and merging it into a more appropriate mod. Further recipes will be added at a later date when I can focus less on updating stuff, will likely include recipes for the new wagon wheels and similar items if they dont already get recipes in coming updates.

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