Mods / More Tinder (instant firepits)

Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: JapanHasRice
Side: Both
Created: Apr 2nd
Last modified: Apr 2nd
Downloads: 41

Ever wish you could construct a firepit with more than just firewood (or bamboo)? Now you can!... sort of. Placing a piece of dry grass on the ground now instantly creates a constructed firepit, no need to load up 4 logs. Why is it called "More Tinder" then? Because less is more!

The firepit will keep its old behavior when placing it on top of firewood piles. You will still need 4 firewood (or bamboo) to light a charcoal pit.

Development notes:
There is an attribute that can be set in the game's assets to allow other things to construct firepits, but it's unwieldy because one has to set it for each item. It also gets buggy because the game only tracks the last item placed and gives the new firepit 4 of those, allowing players to convert, say, 3 pieces of dry grass and 1 peat brick into 4 peat bricks for the cost of 1 additional dry grass.

When constructing a firepit with firewood, you can remove the firewood after the firepit is constructed and place any burnable as fuel anyway, so this doesn't skip much.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.0.1 41 Apr 2nd Show


goxmeor, Apr 8th

This is great, thank you! I have been frustrated before because I've had grass and peat on me and haven't been able to start a fire! I've also done silly things, like carrying around 4 firewood with me, using it to place a firepit, removing the firewood and reusing it to make a second firepit, etc.

JapanHasRice, Apr 2nd

This probably works on older versions of the game, but I haven't tested it.

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