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Latest file for :

Add any of the many buildings from minecraft in your world

App is in beta, something might not work properly (for example there are problems with the rotation of some blocks) but most of the functionality works well


Custom converting

To add custom data you need to create file "convert_data_custom.json" in the application folder
This custom file have higher priority than default so you can change and fix default values

In this JSON-file create two dicts: "blocks" and "datas"
In block "blocks" you should write pairs "MC text id": "VS text id"

If your block have some blockstates:
Example: MC "oak_slab" has blockstate "type" ("bottom"/"top"/"double")
VS id can be "plankslab-oak-down-free" or "plankslab-oak-up-free"
Against of it, you can write "plankslab-oak-TYPE-free" and create smth like alias for blockstate "type"
Put into dict "datas" these:
"type": {
"bottom": "down",
"top": "up",
"double": "*"
Very important! Alias must be same as MC blockstate
In the VS id it must be in upper case

If you put symbol "*" in your VS id, these block will not be converted


You can find example in archive. It replaces every MC stone block to VS oak planks and reverses directions of blocks with state "facing"

You will also find a copy of the default conversion file there for review


Developed for VS server Arkona

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💬 NiclAss, Oct 1st 2022 at 12:08 PM

Hey really like your Mc schematics converter mod do you still update him bcs some blocks are not converting to the correct vs one and some are missing? Is that project open source by any chance?

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