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Author: JyeGuru
Side: Server
Created: 6 days ago
Last modified: 6 days ago
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We got really over the whole "entire hillsides collapsing all the time" thing, but wanted the sideways sliding still present on other blocks. The vanilla options "never" or "always including soil" didn't cover this use case.

This mostly just reproduces assets/survival/patches/fallingblocks.json but without conditionals to have it always apply. Not designed to be used with blockGravity=sandgravelsoil and may cause errors.

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v1.0.0 16 6 days ago Show

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JyeGuru, 1 hour ago


This is offering a halfway point between the two settings present in the game. Default setting is that sand/gravel falls straight down if there isn't a block under it, dirt floats. The other vanilla option is that dirt ALSO falls, but that ALL falling blocks have "sideways instability" which means they can slide off sideways (eg: when making a pillar/wall). The mod simply makes it so that sand/gravel have the sideways feature, but dirt doesn't. It removes the crazy behavior you get if you use the sideways instability vanilla option, where animals/drifters will cause massive landslides all the time whenever moving around on hills because the dirt keeps sliding.

Melfice, 1 day ago

So, what exactly does this do?
From what I'm reading, it basically means soil is stable unless it's being disturbed by the player?

Or am I oversimplifying it with that?

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