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Category: #QoL #Utility
Author: FunnyBunnyofDOOM
Side: Server
Created: Jul 29th at 2:36 AM
Last modified: Jul 29th at 3:02 AM
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[Server-Side only] Install this on the server, your players do not need this mod.

Do your players quit if they join during night?

Rising sun progresses the game clock to daytime the first time each new player joins the server. 

/rs dawn num - set the hour rising sun progresses the day to

/rs dusk num - set the hour rising sun counts as night

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version 1.0.3 -

-Added set dawn and dusk commands

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.3 9 Jul 29th at 3:02 AM Show
v1.0.2 6 Jul 29th at 2:38 AM Show

2 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

FunnyBunnyofDOOM, 5 days ago

Ikirou Absolutely! I'll add this to my to do list. I'll make a toggle for that feature. 
It only changes to day outside the already implemented dusk/dawn numbers, so once they do it, they'll have to wait until night, then they can rejoin and make it day again. 

Ikirou, Jul 29th at 3:17 PM

Hey nice Idea!
Is it possible to change it so everytime they join it becomes day ?
Or maybe once per day (guess not) but would be nice!

Lg. Ikirou

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