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Category: #Graphics
Author: Fulgen
Side: Client
Created: Jul 11th at 6:48 PM
Last modified: Jul 11th at 7:04 PM
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This mod adds AMD FSR1 for better upscaling. FSR1 consists of two passes:

  • EASU (Edge-Adaptive Spatial Upsampling), the upscaler
  • RCAS (Robust Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening), which sharpens the upscaled image.

Both passes can be individually enabled or disabled in the settings menu. To use upscaling, set the resolution slider to a value less than 100% and enable EASU and RCAS.

Note that this is still a (working) prerelease and will undergo further tweaking and optimization; please report any problems with it. Also, at the moment, an OpenGL 4.2 - capable GPU is still required; should none be present, activating either EASU or RCAS will result in a black screen.


I have a supported GPU, but the game crashes with "Your graphics card only supports OpenGL version [...], but OpenGL version 420 is required".

The game requests an OpenGL 3.3 context by default. Due to the way OpenGL contexts are created, it's up to the driver whether this context can be used with functionality of higher versions, even if the driver itself supports them. To fix this, go to clientsettings.json (by default in %appdata%\VintagestoryData / .config/VintagestoryData) and set glContextVersion to "4.2".

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v 102 Jul 11th at 7:04 PM Show FSR1.dll

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Fulgen, Jul 14th at 10:13 AM

YourCreator 1.17 has dropped all obfuscation on the code, so building it for 1.16.5 would require me to rewrite quite some code which I consider not worth the effort, given how close we (hopefully) are to rc1.

YourCreator, Jul 12th at 2:32 PM

9999999 likes man

YourCreator, Jul 12th at 12:35 AM

Can you build for 1.16.5 pls?


Fulgen, Jul 11th at 8:58 PM

l33tmaan It takes a low resolution frame and upscales it to a higher resolution using a sophisticated algorithm so that the drop in quality is not or barely visible.

l33tmaan, Jul 11th at 7:41 PM

I'm dumb and I'm not sure what my eyes are seeing. What's this do? I think it's making thing sharper?

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