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Created: Jun 20th 2022 at 2:58 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.5-rc.3:
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v0.0.3 (1.16.5)
v0.0.5 (1.19.X and all rc) Minor tweaks.
v0.0.6 (shhhh, doesn't exist)
v0.0.7 ^ Tweaking the tweaks because I don't know how numbers work :D

 >> Fix: Match debuffs on Forlorn Hope and Blackguard armor to the same level of reduced debuffs applied in this mod.
 >> Fix: A number armor repair recipes are missing linen options, so add them so leather or linen can be decided between.
 >> Feature: Get salt from boiling saltwater...

BPiP: Balanced Progression is Pointless. The edgy name is just an attention grabber, this is by no means intended to insult the developer.

This mod is intended to make certain things more reasonable/authentic. Makes the game a little bit easier for the sake of realism, by adding and tweaking various things to get rid of 'artificial progression'. Steelmaking, for example: requires the creation of refractory bricks, which requires the ability to crush quartz and bauxite, which requires a pulverizer setup, which requires both a rotational energy "power grid" and some mid-tier metallurgy (bronze at the very least), bronze which requires something and something else, so on and so on. 

In terms of what refractory bricks are composed of, the only reference I could find to their composition is that they are composed of Fire Clay and Silica (and Alumina aka Aluminium oxide). Silica, for those who are unaware, is Quartz. They are the same thing. There is no mention to any other crystalline material or stone. There is no mention of bauxite, or olivine, or ilmenite. Just Quartz. And you can look up youtube videos of people smashing quartz with hammers, so there is no need for a pulverizer either.

(Alumina is present in the game as both "Alum" and Corundum Crystal. It however is only a commodity in-game. I would be willing to add it at as a requirement for high-tier refractory bricks at a later date.)
(Hell, a lot of what I'm reading suggests that Fire Clay inherently has Alumina and Quartz already present in its composition. Which is an entirely new path to look at, if people are interested.)

This is the essence of the mod. It removes/replaces what is deemed unnessary. It removes/replaces things that were implemented to have a sense of progression to gameplay, rather than with historical authenticity in mind. 

Note: This mod is HEAVILY WORK IN PROGRESS, and development updates will happen very slowly due to my own laziness.

Currently Implemented:
 - Cordage: Used to make rope, and can be used to make hand baskets out of tightly corded grass. Does not replace reeds, but complements them.
 - Quartz: Clear Quartz can be smashed into Crushed Quartz with any hammer, taking a sizable amount of durability with it. Crushed Quartz is the only ingredient (other than the Fire Clay) required to make High Tier Refractory bricks. 
(as of 0.0.4)
 - Firewood from Logs: In terms of what can be seen visually, 16 individual firewood pieces could fit in the space occupied by 1 log block. Since that's a little ridiculous, log chopping instead multiplies firewood drops by 3 (making most logs worth 12 firewood).
- Sticks from Firewood: Can now split 1 firewood into 2 sticks with a knife OR axe.
- Gambeson Alternative to Leather Jerkin: Historically, gambeson was also worn under heavy armor as a cushioning layer, similar to the Leather Jerkin. As such, I made gambeson (and linen) an alternative to leather in all relevant armor crafting recipes.
- Tweaked (reduced) Armor Debuffs: Most physical movement is not realistically impeded significantly by even full plate armor. Some values are tweaked to represent this.

Up Next:
 - See if there is a way to harvest Tree Bark for Cordage.
 - Open to suggestions.

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💬 YourCreator, Apr 1st at 9:50 AM

shitty mechanics - tool damage. Where parts of tools that need to repair? Also hardness is not durability and crush diamond possible with less hardened stone.

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