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Author: KenigVovan
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Created: May 15th at 2:45 PM
Last modified: May 22nd at 3:03 PM
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You don't need this mod (yet =)

But if you are interested there are some info below.

Vendor entity who can buy items from player. Categories, prices and max amount are set in config. 

LMB - try sold item in hand

RMB - show which item vendor is buying now

/ven new - set entity on your coords (it copies your clothes, armor)

/ven del - delete vendor entity you are looking at

/ven sh - reshuffle categories vendor buys

By defolt it uses coins from trade-o-mat mod.

Exchange rate is set as well in config.


Format of categories and objects for config is:




"is it block or item#code of object#price per object#max amount for sell#name which will be writen to player#attributes;











last part now mainly added for bucket with liquids

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 38 May 22nd at 3:03 PM Show
v1.0.1 25 May 21st at 7:14 PM Show
v1.0.0 30 May 15th at 2:48 PM Show

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KenigVovan, May 22nd at 4:45 PM

@Kara, through the config file you can set categories and items/blocks vendor will buy. There is already list of default trades which you can use as example. But "maxAmount" of object vendor will buy is not depends on players and if 1st player sell to 0 others won't be able to sell anything before categories will be updated.
Time delta in which vendor update it's categories and "maxAmount" is also can be set in config and is 1 day by default.

Kara, May 18th at 3:08 AM

if this is going to be a NPC that admins can configure.... this this will be amazing, for quests!!. <3

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