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Author: Lithos
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Created: Apr 26th at 7:21 PM
Last modified: Apr 30th at 12:52 AM
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A small tweak I made for playing on my server with my less combat-oriented friends.


This mod uses some changes from the Better Drifters mod as well as a few of my own tweaks:


  • Disabled drifter idle noises
  • Drastically reduced spawn rate and chance of surface drifters
  • Decreased total group sizes. This still has default difficulty scaling with nearby players.
  • Increased distance from player drifters are allowed to spawn
  • Increased loot from all drifter types
  • Faster carving for loot

Required server-side for spawn logic, client-side for the sound changes to take effect.



This is a very rudimentary mod and I am not a "modder". I have no intention of adding features but will attempt to keep this working with new VS releases if it breaks.


Changelog v1.2.0
  • Fixed broken loot table variances
  • Fixed broken carve speed changes
  • Reworked loot chances to be roughly double default game values, from being almost entirely random
  • Lowered minimum distance from players drifers could spawn, as this was causing drifters not to spawn at all in many situations
  • Added double-headed drifters to loot tables
  • Double-headed drifters are not included in the max group size reductions but still have reduced spawn chance





Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.0 415 Apr 30th at 12:52 AM Show
v1.1.0 100 Apr 26th at 7:27 PM Show

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