Mods / [1.14.8] Grass Stuff 1.1.0

Category: #Cosmetics #Crafting #Furniture
Author: RyanMinnikin
Side: Both
Created: Mar 15th
Last modified: Mar 15th
Downloads: 524

A simple mod that adds early game blocks made with grass like furniture, doors and fences. Thatch roofing made from grass and sticks that have icicles hanging from them in the winter.

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v1.1.0 524 Mar 15th Show


KaraGryphon, 6 days ago

Derpy CornersHay, could you add inverted corner roof blocks? =O i'm finding, i have to use hay blocks and well they don't look the best =p

Drachkein, May 10th

Great mod, but a single staircase made of three blocks of hay may be to little.

RyanMinnikin, Apr 16th

can somebody confirm if this works in .9? I'll check myself later this week if I can get to that computer

Mysticar, Mar 28th

Highly useful, thank you!

Would it be possible to get the roofs to display on the map in a proper color, rather than blacked out? That's the only niggle I have about it...

PastaNipples, Mar 26th

I love the look of thatching, thank you so much for this mod!

l33tmaan, Mar 16th

They'll be fine.

RyanMinnikin, Mar 16th

To fix the uppercases I have to delete this and re-upload it, it won't allow me to have 2 of the same files at once. I'll get around to it soon, not sure how it will effect people with this download in their games right now though.

RyanMinnikin, Mar 15th

fixed, sorry was multitasking..  :D

RyanMinnikin, Mar 15th

oops 1 min

delete edit