Mods / Hanging Oil Lamps

Category: #Cosmetics #Furniture #QoL
Author: Lodey
Side: Both
Created: Apr 10th at 2:42 AM
Last modified: Apr 12th at 12:02 AM
Downloads: 3939
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Alters the model of oil lamps so that if they're attached to a wall or ceiling they will hang from wires.

Adds the ability to attach oil lamps to the bottom of blocks.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 3878 Apr 12th at 12:02 AM Show
v1.0.0 Apr 10th at 2:43 AM Show

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💬 RedshiftTheFox, Nov 8th at 4:50 PM

Can confirm this still works on v1.17.9 (Stable).

💬 l33tmaan, Nov 2nd at 3:41 PM

Why? It still works.

💬 OpPointBaker, Nov 2nd at 6:01 AM

Anyone willing and able to make a fork of this?

💬 Kamila, May 16th at 11:41 PM

I absolutely love this mod. I am just wondering if you're aware that your mod doesn't work when using the World of Darkness mod. it just reverts the oil lamp back to vanilla usage.


💬 Lodey, Apr 16th at 8:20 PM

Amigurumi No, sorry.

💬 Amigurumi, Apr 15th at 1:42 AM

This is great. Will you be adding Bricklayer's compatibility down the road to add the different colors from that?

💬 Lodey, Apr 12th at 12:03 AM

Should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

💬 tincancrab, Apr 10th at 5:05 PM

Can verify the question mark cube. 1.16.4. Turned off all mods except this one, created a new creative world, and I get a question mark. Is it possible that it's trying to pull some data that's local, which is why we can't see it, but apparently you are able to? Only thing I can currently think of.

💬 Lodey, Apr 10th at 3:16 PM

@rboys2 Do you have any other mods that alter lamps or lanterns? Are you running at least version 1.16.4? Try turning off all other mods except for this one and see if it's still broken.

💬 rboys2, Apr 10th at 2:32 PM

Love this mod idea, but doesnt work for me. Just gives me a cube with a question mark, any idea what might be causing that?

💬 RussellL360, Apr 10th at 7:14 AM

Excellent idea, thank you!!

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