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Category: #Cosmetics #Crafting #Utility
Author: Xel
Side: Both
Created: Apr 9th at 2:24 AM
Last modified: Sep 26th at 2:03 AM
Downloads: 3044
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Adds customizable coins and coinmaking tools to the game.

Recipes and tool durabilities are not final and may change for better balance.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 623 Sep 26th at 2:03 AM Show
v1.0.1 322 Aug 11th at 3:10 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.9 376 May 28th at 5:07 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.8 61 May 27th at 9:48 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.7 836 May 26th at 1:36 AM Show
v1.0.0-pre.6 161 May 5th at 12:36 AM Show
v1.0.0-pre.5 84 May 3rd at 12:16 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.4 164 Apr 30th at 2:04 AM Show
v1.0.0-pre.3 175 Apr 19th at 12:42 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.2 152 Apr 9th at 10:57 PM Show
v1.0.0-pre.1 90 Apr 9th at 2:27 AM Show

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💬 Belarrius, Apr 30th at 10:38 AM

Hi! Omg i'm so sorry! It's because claims mod have the same problem on Linux! Ahahah and it's fixed! Thanks!

💬 Xel, Apr 30th at 1:50 AM

@Belarrius This mod stores coins in VintagestoryData/ModData/coinage/database.db. Is your question about

💬 Belarrius, Apr 24th at 3:00 PM

Hi Xel!

I have a problem on Linux Server with your mod because of the Windows Path.

In "claims.json" I put path DB and json "Val": "/home/vintsserver/.config/VintagestoryData" and as db name "Val": "claims.db" the file created is "VintagestoryData\claims.db" on "/home/vintsserver/.config" and not "claims.db on /home/vintsserver/.config/VintagestoryData"


If I put "/home/vintsserver/.config/VintagestoryData/" with the slash "/" the file is located at "/home/vintsserver/.config/VintagestoryData" but called "\claims.db" instead of "claims.db"


I hope you understand with my bad english

Best regards,

💬 Filaon, Apr 18th at 3:31 PM

Good day Xel, can i make Russian translation for your mod? 

If so, my Discord Filaon#9663

💬 Xel, Apr 18th at 2:44 AM

The coin punch has 6 tool modes, 1 for each size/shape of planchet

I cant figure out how to make the handbook recipes for planchets show correctly, since I dont think theres any way to make them use item attributes and itll probably complain if theres multiple recipes that are identical except for item attributes

For counterfeit detection: I forgot that attributes are only visible with developer mode on so ill probably add something to display the coin id somewhere else. Having the ingame date the coin was minted be displayed would also be cool

As for all tools requiring steel, its the highest tier tool metal so I just went with that and didnt add steel coins. Adding different tiers of coin punch would be neat but i am lazy

💬 WesCookie, Apr 14th at 7:48 PM

Very interesting concept for a mod! If I may: a few questions and/or suggestions?

Can you currently make planchets of different sizes or shapes? I wasn't able to figure out if that was a possibility. Also, the handbook recipe says using the punch on plates makes square planchets, but I got round ones instead (copper, if material matters).

Is there any plans for a built in method to help mitigate counterfeits, such as "dating" or "signing" a coin in its description? As of right now, it seems other players can create identical Trussels and make completely identical coins and it would be impossible to tell if a counterfeit is a counterfeit unless there's a misplaced pixel or something.

I see currently all the tools require steel to be made, however I was wondering if down the road we could be able to make Trussels, Dies, and Punches from other materials in the future? Perhaps each one can only punch metals lower than its "tier" (similar to tool tiers for pickaxes)?

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