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Category: #QoL
Author: Quixjote
Side: Server
Created: Mar 14th at 6:15 AM
Last modified: Apr 3rd at 4:12 PM
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Among the wastes of this frozen world, you attempt to make a life for yourself. Out of the caves you crawl to the surface, gazing into the cold sun, which has long since given adequate heat to this world. So cold... sooo cold.

Off in the distance though you see something. A merchant? In this waste? You wonder over shivering, and the merchant greets you joyously. Hector sells food in this frozen land? Wait?! You can sell fish?! All those cave fish you have been catching to survive the winter now has a use!



Lately been working in some UHC style worlds, and in particular the Snowball temperature settings. after MUCH exploring, I have found some oak leaves in the wild, but of course... no oak. So I thought: "You know. those merchants probably have stripped other buildings bare over the years. Look at their wheels, they are oak!"
So now the Merchants can sell "Fancy" wood planks, and all types of Logs, as well as singles of saplings...

In addition they will also now SELL Leather, and buy Small Raw Hides, because in this frozen wasteland foxes abound!

Eventually these might be combined into one mod that requires SpearAndFang's PrimitiveSurvival, but for now you can choose which version you wish to use (Obviously the one without fish doesn't require PrimitiveSurvival)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.2 494 Apr 3rd at 4:12 PM Show
v1.0.1 135 Mar 14th at 7:38 AM Show
v1.0.1 209 Mar 14th at 7:39 AM Show

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Quixjote, Mar 14th at 10:18 AM

That sounds delightful. I will have to look into that. This being my first mod I am glad that it is working <3 . If I understand correctly though, it means I would only have to maintain one modpack, and then depending on whether or not someone has x-other modpack, then it would run certain aspects of my modpack. If I am understanding that correctly, then definitely!

Craluminum, Mar 14th at 7:49 AM

CompatibilityLib can allow apply patches only if such or such mod installed

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