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Author: pap1723
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Created: Mar 21st at 9:47 PM
Last modified: May 6th at 3:06 PM
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This mod introduces (as of right now) 2 new Mining Tools, the Excavator and the Mining Hammer. The Excavator can be used in place of a shovel and the Mining Hammer can be used in place of the Pickaxe.

The best feature about both tools is that they have different tool modes. These Tool Modes will allow you to break more than just one block at a time. You can choose to mine in a 1x2, 2x2, 3x3, or even a checkerboard pattern that makes getting Raw Stone much easier.

These new modes come at a price though. Each tool uses 3 Ingots worth of metal to be created, but the different modes are worth the extra cost!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.4 146 May 6th at 3:06 PM Show
v1.1.3 233 Apr 19th at 5:17 AM Show
v1.1.2 24 Apr 19th at 1:32 AM Show
v1.1.1 47 Apr 18th at 12:24 AM Show
v1.0.0 171 Apr 2nd at 5:07 AM Show
v0.6.0 83 Mar 27th at 11:43 PM Show
v0.5.0 121 Mar 21st at 9:49 PM Show

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BlueFuryDragon, 5 days ago

I love this mod, however the durability on the mining hammer seems really low at 500, especially when the shovel is 650.

Theisgood, Apr 27th at 2:18 AM

Had this error in the console then the game crashed don't know if this caused the crash but its super short so I will just post it here


[Warning] Audio File not found: miningtools:sounds/walk/stone.ogg


Update to this comment. Here is a new error I got when the excavator broke

Chuckles, Apr 19th at 5:34 PM

The Neccesaries mod has a tool called the grindstone that restores durability on a hand tool or weapon.  The mod author has published a code snippet that can be integrated into another author's mod that allows the grindstone tool to work on that mod's tools.  An example would be the Alpha Weapon Pack whose author has integrated that snippet and then has support for the Neccesaries Grinstone. 

That's all I was asking.

pap1723, Apr 19th at 5:19 AM

I apologize for the hotfixes today. Thanks to LoneWolf for all of the testing!

pap1723, Apr 19th at 5:18 AM

I don't understand the question about having grindstone compatability? It shouldn't really interact with a grindstone at all.

Chuckles, Apr 19th at 3:50 AM

Does this have neccesaries grindstone compatability?

Gepard, Apr 6th at 6:16 PM

Great Mod

I made a Polish translation:


pap1723, Mar 27th at 11:44 PM

NEW RELEASE Version 0.6.0

Major Changes

  • SAVEBREAKING CHANGE: I had to change the name of the mod and the zip to be miningtools so any tools you had before will likely be removed from the game.
  • NEW ITEMS: Clay molds for the Excavator Head and Mining Hammer Head
    • 1x1x1 - Breaks blocks like a normal Pickaxe
    • 1x2x1 - Single block width with 2 high block breaking
    • 2x2x1 - 2-block width and 2-block height block breaking
    • 3x3x1 - This is the default 3x3 block breaking
    • Checkerboard - Breaks blocks in a 3x3 area in a checkerboard "X" Pattern. Perfect setup for Raw Stone mining.
    • 1x3x3 - 1-block width and 3-block height and depth. Good companion for the Checkerboard to break the blocks behind the Raw Stone you are mining.

Known Issues

  • This will likely remove any items, from the mod, that you had in a previous save.
  • Using the tool to dig DOWN or UP will only break a single block. This will be fixed in a future update.
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