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Author: Catasteroid
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Created: Mar 12th at 12:50 AM
Last modified: May 14th at 3:45 AM
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Spearhead, Arrowhead & Jewellery Recycling Mod v1.1.0

This mod adds a set of shapeless recipes that allow you to break down metal spearheads and arrowheads into their constituent metal bits so you can recycle them if you choose and also allows you to break down jewellery items you find in the world if you would prefer to own the metals the items are constructed from, arrowheads are broken down into 2 metal bits per head and spearheads are broken down into the full 20 metal bits per head, this represents a small loss of 2 metal bits if you recycle the nine arrowheads produced by the unmodded game's 9-arrowhead smithing pattern from an ingot of metal. Recycling jewellery items provides metal bits of the item's constituent metals the quantity of which being anywhere from 5 for the smaller items to up to 20 bits for the largest items.
This provides you a secondary use for the all the copper arrow and spearheads inevitably produced by panning large amount of bony soil and the jewellery you might locate in the world.

Arrowheads, spearheads and jewellery items are broken down using the same recipe as breaking down an anvil into ingots, or breaking a metal ingot or lamellae into metal bits: Simply place the item you want to break down into the crafting grid then place your chisel in the grid with the item, you should then be able to recover the constituent metal bits.

New for version 1.1.0: Recycling recipes changed to be shapeless and recipes for breaking down a large number of the vanilla game's metal jewellery clothing items.

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💬 Doornydew, Oct 30th at 4:15 AM

was this the mod i commisioned ages ago catasteroid? -Richard

i completely forgor i requested this lol

💬 DX65, Mar 15th at 6:14 AM

@Castasteroid thanks, I was confused I am normally in creative mode. ugh stuck on bold font today earlier got too many at symbols sorry. I can't change it.

💬 Catasteroid, Mar 14th at 4:59 AM

DX65 The way you break down arrowheads and spearheads uses the same crafting pattern that breaking down anvils, ingots, lamellae, chain and other intermediate metal products: You place the item you want to break down in the centre slot of the crafting grid then all you need to do after is place your chisel in the grid slot directly above the arrow/spearhead and you should be able to recover the metal bits from them. Hope that helps, I'll update the mod description.

💬 DX65, Mar 14th at 4:05 AM

I downloaded this mod earlier and I am not sure how to use it. Can you give me a hint please?

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