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Category: #Crafting #Tweak
Author: Paul_Kauphart
Side: Both
Created: Mar 6th at 11:32 PM
Last modified: Mar 8th at 11:18 PM
Downloads: 164
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This simple mod divides by 4 the cost of lining a lantern.

It adds a lantern lining object that can be smithed using gold or silver ingots (1 or 2 per ingots) and replaces the gold or silver lining plates in the lantern recipe with said object.


It only works during crafting, I haven't figured out how to replace the metal plate for right clicking an existing lantern. Will update as soon as I figure it out.


Known Issues :

  • Links in the Lantern handbook entry are broken


To Do list :

  • Make the 1 lining recipe available to helve hammer
  • Replace plate with liner for lining an existing lantern with a right click


Thanks to Spear and Fang for helping me debug the initial release.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.0 164 Mar 8th at 11:18 PM Show

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