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Author: ozBillo
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Created: Mar 13th at 2:34 AM
Last modified: Mar 13th at 2:37 AM
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The Golden Wolf

Occasionally, in a dusty corner of a library, you may come across an explorer's journal or a letter by a settler, that mentions a rare Golden Wolf. They would describe a fanciful situation where this creature appears, almost out of thin air, and defends them against an attack by wolves or drifters.

The image below is of a very old photo that supposedly shows a Golden Wolf quietly resting beside a settler. It is widely regarded as a fake.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.36 298 Mar 13th at 2:37 AM Show Golden Wolf

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PilotDoug, Jul 31st at 9:29 PM

Thanks for the help. I'll find that dang Wolfie, or I'll curse his bones.

ozBillo, Jul 31st at 11:45 AM

It took me a few weeks, but I finally rescued my Wolfie from the depths. He's happy to be back :)

ozBillo, Jul 31st at 1:51 AM

There isn't a reset command

He'll show as 1x golden-wolf:golden-wolf

Do you hear him barking or howling at all? He may be dead somewhere if you don't. In which case, you'll have to wait until his poor dead corpse turns to bones before another one will spawn. Takes 4 days, I think.

PilotDoug, Jul 29th at 4:00 PM

Thanks for some direction on finding my amigo, but no luck yet . Didn't find an open cave system for GW to explore. Is there a reset command I can invoke to reset GW to me?

Also, how will GW be displayed using the listnearest command. Will it show up with the Golden... nomenclature in some fashion, or just wolf.

Thanks in advance,


ozBillo, Jul 26th at 7:33 AM

Did the hole lead to further underground?
He'll often chase drifters down holes and sometimes he can't get out again.
Several times I've had to dig down to him so that he has a way to get back out.

If he's still alive down there somewhere you should hear him bark every now and then. This sound.

It's a little cheaty, but you can use the  /entity listnearest  command to locate him.
For example, go to the hole and use  /entity listnearest 100 50
That will list all creatures 100 blocks vertical and 50 blocks horizontal from you.

PilotDoug, Jul 25th at 6:08 PM

I installed the latest version of Golden Wolf and it was great having a companion looking out for my back...until. This is probably coincidental, but I was picking my way down to find ore and GW fell into the same hole with me. Since that time I haven't seen GW at all. I even went back to that shaft to see if GW was there. I am running the latest version of VS 1.15.2

Any suggestions?

Thanks for a fun app

ozBillo, Jun 12th at 3:22 AM

The Golden Wolf is working fine in 1.15.0-pre.3

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