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Author: Novocain
Side: Both
Created: Feb 18th at 2:48 AM
Last modified: Mar 2nd at 3:43 AM
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Adoption of ModBooks, originally by oobacke.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.3.4 1337 Mar 2nd at 3:43 AM Show
v1.3.3 87 Mar 2nd at 2:36 AM Show
v1.3.2 354 Feb 18th at 10:56 PM Show
v1.3.1 119 Feb 18th at 7:32 PM Show
v1.3.0 160 Feb 18th at 2:50 AM Show

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WickedSchnitzel, May 20th at 4:34 AM

The game is crashing if you are trying to export with " in the title, e.g. "My great book".

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