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Category: #Other
Author: mixxit
Side: Both
Created: Feb 17th at 11:49 PM
Last modified: Apr 25th at 11:40 AM
Downloads: 915
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This mod adds races, player roleplay names and statistics to vintage story using a customised character creation screen

It is a subcomponent of the vsroleplayclasses mod

This is built and runs on our roleplaying server

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.16.5-rc.1 126 Apr 25th at 11:40 AM Show
v1.16.4-rc.3 139 Mar 12th at 11:16 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.2 52 Mar 12th at 11:04 PM Show
v1.16.4-rc.1 78 Mar 8th at 11:15 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.9 115 Feb 20th at 3:17 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.8 65 Feb 20th at 2:43 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.7 62 Feb 20th at 2:37 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.6 70 Feb 19th at 4:28 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.5 64 Feb 19th at 3:32 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.4 68 Feb 19th at 1:30 PM Show
v1.16.3-rc.2 69 Feb 17th at 11:49 PM Show

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