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Category: #Graphics
Author: miclo
Side: Client
Created: Feb 14th at 8:57 PM
Last modified: Jul 30th at 9:33 AM
Downloads: 3299

Adds volumetric lighting, screen space reflections, and multiple other graphics tweaks.

Open ingame configuration with Ctrl-C.

Always use a version of this mod that matches your game version EXACTLY. Ignoring this will nearly always lead to your game crashing.
The mod should now be mostly resistant to game updates. Still, if your game is crashing, check if you can download an update.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.6.0 880 Jul 30th at 9:33 AM Show
v0.5.1 1095 Mar 28th at 4:09 PM Show
v0.5.0 512 Mar 14th at 6:20 PM Show
v0.4.0 293 Mar 8th at 2:53 PM Show
v0.3.3-vs1.14.8 198 Feb 15th at 11:14 AM Show
v0.3.3-vs1.14.7 242 Feb 15th at 11:43 AM Show

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Zadak, 1 day ago

This mod is great, however Screen Space Reflections makes textures of the items in your hand low-res? As well as some items will have glitches in their previews (like Onions)


McJty, Aug 2nd at 2:50 PM

I also have the same crash as Tels has on linux

FlandreScarletUN, Aug 1st at 8:21 PM

Hello, sorry for bothering but i want to ask if you could add compatibility with mod fancy sky 

Tels, Aug 1st at 3:43 PM

With 1.15.3 and volumetricshading 0.6.0 on Linux I get this error:

Version: v1.15.3 (Stable)8/1/2021 5:39:24 PM: Critical error occurred
System.InvalidOperationException: Could not execute non-optional patch: Regex (^|[\.,+\-*/;{}[\]()=:|^&?#\s])outGlow\s*?=\s*?vec4($|[\.,+\-*/;{}[\]()=:|^&?#\s
]) not matched                                                                                                                                                 
 at VolumetricShading.Patch.RegexPatch.Patch (System.String filename, System.String code) [0x0003c] in <2fe7e68fc0604b7abbcb70ec5cd0ad23>:0                   
 at VolumetricShading.Patch.ShaderPatcher.Patch (System.String filename, System.String code, System.Boolean cache) [0x00085] in <2fe7e68fc0604b7abbcb70ec5cd0

Mamessu, Jul 31st at 8:20 PM

Playing version 1.15.2 VS and have downloaded and installed v1.6.0 of this mod, however whenever the game gets to the end of the load sequence, "Return again", it hangs and crashes, forcing me to terminate the game via the application manager. Any thoughts?

Xorberax, Jul 31st at 6:43 AM

Thank you so much for updating this amazing mod for 1.15!

miclo, Jul 30th at 9:33 AM

The new version of the mod should now work for Vintage Story 1.15.

Rythillian, Jul 19th at 2:40 AM

No longer works in version 1.15.1 as of writing this. Would love to see this updated and fixed!

Iisunki, Jul 10th at 9:19 AM

can u update this to 1.15 pls?

Tels, Jun 20th at 10:31 PM

0.5.1 does not work for me, crashes (please see below), 0.3.3-vs1.14.8 works fine:

Version: v1.14.8 (Stable)6/21/2021 12:25:57 AM: Critical error occurred                                                                                       
System.InvalidOperationException: Could not execute non-optional patch: Regex (^|[\.,+\-*/;{}[\]()=:|^&?#\s])outGlow\s*?=\s*?vec4($|[\.,+\-*/;{}[\]()=:|^&?#\s
]) not matched                                                                                                                                                
 at VolumetricShading.Patch.RegexPatch.Patch (System.String filename, System.String code) [0x0003c] in <bb00f1fce11740238355590c1039b606>:0                  
 at VolumetricShading.Patch.ShaderPatcher.Patch (System.String filename, System.String code, System.Boolean cache) [0x00085] in <bb00f1fce11740238355590c1039
 at VolumetricShading.ShaderRegistryPatches.LoadShaderCallsite (Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ShaderProgram shader, System.String code, System.Collections.Generi
c.List`1[T] includes, Vintagestory.API.Client.EnumShaderType type) [0x00058] in <bb00f1fce11740238355590c1039b606>:0


1618, Apr 5th at 6:08 PM

Side by side comparison with vanilla would be helpful.

miclo, Mar 28th at 4:08 PM

@CJHKnight2: I made a small mistake in the cloud shaders which broke them on AMD. v0.5.1 should fix this, please try again with that version.

CJHKnight2, Mar 15th at 1:03 AM

@miclo The mod now works for me too but I have a question. What happened to the clouds? I don't see them anymore just visibility changes.

Jeb_X, Mar 13th at 4:45 PM

I just can't get over how good the water looks. Especially when a storm is approaching and the wind causes the water to create ripples or even waves. Together with the shaking trees and the darkening sky, it creates pure emotion in me. I made a comparison screenshot just to give some evidence on how good the game looks with the mod, even with volumetric lighting turned off but unfortunately I can't upload any pictures directly. I wanted to do that because most people will think (as did I, as did l33tmaan apparently) that this is one of those typical reshade mods.

@miclo: It is always good to hear that more optimization is coming!



miclo, Mar 12th at 8:46 PM

@Jeb_X Thanks for the performance rundown and the kind words! In the next update, there will be a "deferred lighting" option which should increase performance quite a bit, it should even help with all the other settings turned off!

@l33tmaan Thanks :)

l33tmaan, Mar 12th at 3:18 PM

I usually think these kinds of mods are a meme, but this is some good stuff. SSR is no joke, all my display cases and barreled liquids look amazing now. 

Jeb_X, Mar 12th at 1:46 PM

@miclo: Thank you so much for this mod. As someone who is a bit of a graphics fetishist, this was the very first mod I just had to install before I even began playing the game. Valheim showed how important lighting is for immersion and you just shoved VS a bit in that direction. That you can tinker with every setting in-game (!), is incredible, too.

Jeb_X, Mar 12th at 1:45 PM

Performance cost of this mod:

turning on volumetric lighting: costs 20 fps

turning on screen space reflections: costs 15 - 20 fps.

turning on both: costs 30 fps.

rest of the settings: no performance impact or maybe 1 - 2 fps.


Scneario: standing in front of a lake in bright daylight with mountains blocking my sight partially. System is a Ryzen 3600 + RTX 2060 Super, 2x8GB @3200mhz.

Mod turned off: 117 fps

turning on volumetric lighting: 100 fps

turning off volumetric lighting and turning on screen space reflections: 100 fps

turning everything on: 87


Tl; Dr:

This is a rather expensive mod of course. However, what you get is a more realistic looking day and incredible sunsets and VASTLY improved water graphics. If you have to sacrifice a setting, I would definitively keep the SSR!

Edit: please not that SSR does not only add reflections but also refractions (the water causes ripples; their intensity depends on the wind) and a couple of other things.



RemiKami, Mar 9th at 4:16 PM

@miclo: New version works perfect on my end, brilliant work.

miclo, Mar 6th at 12:51 PM

@RemiKami, @CJHKnight2: I'll be looking into that, however, the only AMD card I own is in an aging laptop, so I can't guarantee anything. I'll update my comment if I find out what's causing the bug.

Edit: I couldn't reproduce your problem, but I still tried to optimize/fix some of the code that might have caused problems. If you can, please retry with the most recent version of my mod.

RemiKami, Feb 28th at 3:06 PM

Hi! I am also having the same black screen and white rectangle as @CJHKnight2; AMD Radeon RX 6800 w/ 16GB RAM. Same issue where the objects held in both hands are rendered, no other mods are installed.

CJHKnight2, Feb 26th at 9:50 PM

Mod does not seem to work for me. I have an AMD Radeon RX 5700 with 8176 MB of GDDR6 1750 mhz RAM. Drivers are up to date acording to the AMD website. I get a black screen with a white rectangle in upper right of screen that shows black block outlines. Object in hand is rendered ok.

Ignitehawk, Feb 20th at 10:44 PM

@miclo I just downloaded the new version for 1.14.7, and it's working perfectly. It looks beautiful; thanks so much!

Edit - Just dropping back in to sing praises. I didn't think I'd use the volumetric lighting part of the mod, but after turning it on to see what sunset would look like, I was blown away and haven't disabled it since. I'm enjoying the game so much more simply by virtue of how gorgeous it looks now. Amazing work.

miclo, Feb 20th at 3:31 PM

@Theisgood about 10% for me, but this depends on graphics settings and hardware

@Ignitehawk I'm sorry about that. There was a mistake in the 1.14.7 version I uploaded. Please download the mod again and see if the problem was fixed. Regarding the "fog" you see: this probably means the effect is working properly - it's just set to a very high intensity, causing the fog effect. I'd recommend just turning down the intensity in the options, or modifying the "flatness" value.

@Rythillian it does work for me - if it still isn't working for you, you might have to contact Tyron, since I do not have control over the mod portal.

Rythillian, Feb 20th at 9:48 AM

The download for 1.14.7 no longer works

Ignitehawk, Feb 20th at 2:23 AM

I must be doing something wrong, because no matter what I do I can't seem to get screen space reflections (which is all I'm really looking to use) to work. I messed around with the options but I couldn't get those gorgeous water caustics or anything water-related other than a slight transparency change to take effect. Are there certain graphics settings that have to be on or off for the mod to work properly? I have most options enabled, but some are turned down for the sake of hitting a consistent 60 fps.

Edit - Just to provide some more info, I'm on game version 1.14.7, and I did in fact get the appropriate mod version. I also used the Ctrl+C menu as instructed to toggle on the options. Volumetric lighting definitely affects change, in that it makes things everything look... foggy. That might not be working as intended for me, either. Hm.

Theisgood, Feb 20th at 12:02 AM

How much of a FPS loss would I expect using JUST the volumetric lighting? 

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