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Created: Jan 22nd 2022 at 2:17 AM
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Imagine my surprise when I went looking for real-life wilderness survival recipes to use Peat and Pine Resin to make candles. The result was a candle made of Soybean Oil, scented like Pine and Peat. Reality for the win. 

So one part of Resin Renaissance is that you can crush Soybeans into Soybean Oil. This can be done either by Crafting them with a Hammer, or Grinding them in a Quern. For now, the Soybean Oil icon is a golden droplet of oil, because I wasn't sure what container to use to hold the oil, or how to handle taking it out of the Quern with a container. For now this should work without any issues aside from logic of holding a giant droplet. And munching on it. 

Soybean Oil can be used as a replacement for Animal Fat in all Mechanical recipes. The second use for it of course is mixing Soy, Resin, and Peat with Rope to make standard Candles. 

You can also put Resin onto a couple of Torches, and the resin will waterproof them. You get two per unit of Resin, which allows you to put a waterproof torch onto the Pine Tree you got the Resin from, and keep one for to take with you. Or just mark the map, but it is a pretty cool sight to see a forest lit up with Resin trees. I felt that as a compromise to their waterproof powers, the color of the Resin Torch's light should be more of a reddish hue.

Finally, you can also mix Peat and Resin into a Bowl to get a standard Oil Lamp, also avoiding the need for Animal Fat.

And last of all, I also wanted to be able to re-light a dead torch, so there's a recipe to craft a dead and lit torch together to get 2 lit ones. 


Please contact me Jobediah if you like me to remove it or give you the folder it self.

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💬 Lynne, Jan 27th 2022 at 3:48 PM

I searched an entire sandstone desert full of pine trees and not one tree had leaky resin. I'm intending to use the mod More Resin to see if that helps increase the resin some, some of those trees in the desert should have had resin, I even flew around in creative after to see if i missed any trees. Definitely none had leaky resin. This desert was close to spawn so I dont know if that makes a difference, maybe resin generates so many blocks away from spawn, not sure.

💬 CilyMe, Jan 22nd 2022 at 10:14 PM

I really like the concept of this mod as I'm currently role playing where I do my best to get by killing as few animals as possible. I've switched over to using soy beans as my main source of protein and this will fit in rather nicely with their use as a lubricant rather than animal fat.

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