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Author: Craluminum
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Created: Jan 21st at 12:42 AM
Last modified: Jan 21st at 12:43 AM
Downloads: 1020
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The next update (2.0.0) will be a full rework of the mod, I have done 90% of the work, cannot finish without someones help.

Adds 1183 variants of vanilla fruit press from every wood, with strainer from every wood, with metal parts from 7 base metals.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 1020 Jan 21st at 12:43 AM Show

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💬 Craluminum, Jul 18th at 12:01 PM

In the next update (2.0.0) I will reduce amount of new IDs from 2366 to 2, it will be done the same way as 1.17 shields are made.
The only problem I need to solve (which can take months for me) is to make them render properly when placed.

💬 Broken, Jan 21st at 2:18 PM

Agreed. While I myself might only use one variant, I still enjoy having the choice, if I so choose, to be able to switch up the colors or if I have to use different materials because of lack of another. Cheers to the folk who make the variants to crafting allowing simple diversity of reality.

💬 Dude7ox, Jan 21st at 10:38 AM

Well if you don't want it - don't download it. But i do highly appreciate the work these people do, yeah, maybe small, insignificant and purely cosmetical, but they add the depth to the game. And that's cool

💬 Shion, Jan 21st at 3:29 AM

Always wanted to ask people making these kind of mods - why? Why isn't one variant enough? Game is already full of same items with different textures to the point where a handbook lags.

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