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Author: Catasteroid
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Created: Jan 19th at 1:39 AM
Last modified: Mar 4th at 6:28 PM
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Spider Silk Mod v1.2.2

This mod adds spider silk thread that can be produced from the spider webs that occur in ruins but also now in cave systems, and fabric that can be made from that thread which can be placed like linen blocks or used to repair clothing and those silk cloth blocks can be fashioned either into a silken variant of the standard gamboised armour pieces or into silk cloth which can be dyed like linen cloth and fashioned into a silk variant of all the coloured tailored variants of the gamboised armour. Silken gambeson armour provides somewhat better protection than the linen equivilent, but silk is an innately unsustainable resource. Silk both plain and dyed can be used to make all the clothing items that could be made with linen, but also can be used to make a few clothing items unique to silk.
Silk thread and cloth can also be used in place of linen make bows, ore blasting bombs, a silken sack and mining bag, beds, chairs, windmill sails, sewing kits, plumb and squares.
Silk cloth can also be used in the same manner as linen to repair clothing by opening your character interface or inventory, left clicking on the silk fabric block (doesn't matter what kind of stitches) then left clicking a damaged clothing piece you're wearing in your character interface or a piece in your inventory while the fabric block is still on your cursor, this will fully repair any clothing item by adding 100% durability whereas linen fabric blocks will only provide 50%.
More content to come with this one, I intend to add additional silk wearables and other items and recipes.

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Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.2 664 Mar 4th at 6:28 PM Show
v1.2.1 242 Feb 11th at 11:18 PM Show
v1.2.0 172 Feb 9th at 7:27 PM Show
v1.1.1 248 Jan 22nd at 5:06 PM Show
v1.1.0 173 Jan 20th at 10:30 PM Show
v1.0.0 182 Jan 19th at 1:49 AM Show

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💬 Catasteroid, Mar 4th at 6:45 PM

There was a file included in the first uploaded zip file of version 1.2.2, I have removed it and reuploaded the version 1.2.2 zip file without it. If you're one of the three people who downloaded it then please re-download the updated version.

💬 Catasteroid, Mar 4th at 5:30 PM

pokeofproz Shion I think I can see the problem, I'll start making a patch right away, my apologies for not noticing and addressing this sooner

💬 Shion, Feb 24th at 11:19 PM

Same problem with crashing on selecting "silk mining bad" in the handbook.

💬 pokeofproz, Feb 19th at 8:10 PM

the game crashes when i click on " silking mining bag " in the handbook, im using spider silk version 1.2.1 and Vintage Story Version 1.6.4 rc2 and a list of other mods

💬 macoto_hino, Feb 18th at 9:58 PM

Translation complete.😝

SpiderSilk-1.2.1 - ja.json

💬 Catasteroid, Jan 22nd at 5:14 PM

There was an issue with v1.1.0 that broke drifter loot, I removed the patch file that added spider silk thread to drifter drops in v1.1.1. Sorry about that folks.

💬 Catasteroid, Jan 20th at 10:32 PM

Spider webs should no longer randomly spawn on the surface or very shallow caves outside of where they are part of ruins present in the vanilla game in the 1.1.0 version.
Also there was an issue with the initial upload of V1.1.0, please redownload it if you downloaded it before this time.

💬 Lisabet, Jan 20th at 9:46 PM

maybe just not have them spawn in water? would solve the above ground issue and this: image

💬 Catasteroid, Jan 20th at 8:13 PM

Hmm ok some of the spider web worldgen entries have a pretty broad spread on the Y axis, I'll look at reducing it in the next version so webs generating in caves beneath the surface don't spawn above ground

💬 Amigurumi, Jan 19th at 3:45 AM

Looks like the webs are spawning in the above ground bodies of water.

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