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Category: #Crafting #Other
Author: KoiThorn
Side: Both
Created: Feb 23rd at 10:25 AM
Last modified: Mar 20th at 7:08 AM
Downloads: 1555

Some personal adjustments. Reported working for servers.

Most Wood and Charcoal burns for longer, including sticks, hay, etc. Temperatures unaffected. 

Torch burntime extended to 720 hours.

Increased Firewood amount per log to 8.

Increased droprate or added Fat to most animal loot (size of animal considered).

Fat added to Drifter loot. Drifter loot more common as well so they aren't just an inconvenience. 

Increased Metal Ore Yields from chunks mined from stone. Nuggets are still worth 5 units of metal each. Poor Chunks are worth 50 Units (10 Nuggets), Medium Chunks are worth 100 units (20 Nuggets), Rich Chunks are worth 200 Units (40 Nuggets) and Bountiful Chunks are worth 500 Units (100 Nuggets).

Cumulative Changes by version:

1.0.1 Change:

Peat burn time increased

1.1.1 Changes:

Increased Coal-type burn times (finally found).

Increased Charcoal and Coke burn times further (to 800 by request).

Increased Feather drop amounts.

Increased Flax crop drops, so you aren't waiting such a long time to get to Windmills.

Expanded Drifter loot. Fat, Rot, Arrows, Flax and Rusty Gears are now common drops. Temporal Gears still rare. See fourth image for example of loot drops results.

1.1.2 Changes:

Reduced rarity of Rusty Gears, Metal Parts and Metal Scraps from Bells and Locust.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.2 1137 Mar 20th at 7:08 AM Show Reduced Grind Mod
v1.1.1 129 Mar 1st at 8:08 AM Show Reduced Grind Mod
v1.0.1 95 Feb 25th at 5:29 AM Show Reduced Grind Mod

14 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Berkyjay, May 2nd at 11:13 PM

@Craluminum Got it thanks!

Craluminum, May 2nd at 6:18 PM

"Mod acrhive" -> assets -> game -> patches

(I find vanilla balance is the best)

Berkyjay, May 2nd at 5:37 PM

Is there a way to tweak this mod?  I'm finding the ore drops to be too great.  I'm flooded with copper ore after one medium rich vein extraction.

KoiThorn, Mar 24th at 6:53 AM

Copper Ore needs to be broken into Nuggets with a Hammer first, Shadowcody.

Shadowcody67, Mar 24th at 5:38 AM

i can't seen to smelt copper ore it just says to cold

KoiThorn, Mar 10th at 6:57 AM

Haven't tried that, actually.

DragooKnight11, Mar 10th at 4:15 AM

Hmmm, ideas.  Have you tried changing the base inventory size of harvested corpses?  That's about all I can suggest, but I assume you tried that already so really I got nothing.

KoiThorn, Mar 9th at 5:21 AM

Having issues with adding the fifth item drop to the Hens, so I might not be able to get egg drops added unless the game properly supports it.

KoiThorn, Mar 3rd at 3:29 AM

I'll see about adding that to another version for you. Took some time to consider it, but personally I don't see that being a logical drop.

MegaGaara23, Mar 1st at 10:54 PM

Sorry for having to post this in another comment but I didn't think about this till after you updated but adding or changing eggs to the drop list for chickens too. Forgot to say that in that message. lol

KoiThorn, Mar 1st at 5:45 AM

The only problem I have with making coal burn for that long is that it's not meant to be a very large amount of coal. I'll see about doubling what it is now though. I'll increase feather drops though.

MegaGaara23, Mar 1st at 4:51 AM

Just make the burn times for coal 12x like the others too and also if you can make it so chickens drop feathers more often and in a bit higher numbers. Can be difficult if you aren't really a farmer or anything getting enough feathers. Even then it seems to be a bit much.

KoiThorn, Feb 28th at 9:46 AM

If I've missed any specific things, I'll add them to the mod when I find them, like I've done with Peat.

If you have a certain length of burn time you want for anything, do mention. I can adjust them easily.

MegaGaara23, Feb 28th at 2:55 AM

This really needs either a config file or a lot of burn items feul times increased. Ex. coal, charcoal, etc.

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