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Category: #Creatures
Author: CJHKnight2
Side: Both
Created: Feb 21st at 5:32 PM
Last modified: Mar 19th at 4:56 PM
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No bells or drifters mod for 1.14.7+

So I liked the idea of a more peaceful world but wanted to keep Locusts for the Temporal Tinkerer mod. So I created this simple mod to stop only Bells and Drifters from spawning. It's my first mod and was fairly simple to create. I simply modified the game code and then used the ModMaker.exe utility. It is also my first time using Github, so kind suggestions on how I can better set my repository up would be appreciated.  Enjoy!

Most Recent Version:
v1.0.1 March 19, 2021

Required on:
Server and Client.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 326 Mar 19th at 4:56 PM Show
v 132 Feb 21st at 5:33 PM Show

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Rufkut, Apr 6th at 9:51 PM

Hello, please consider making a version where drifters spawn only during temporal storms. 

CJHKnight2, Mar 19th at 4:47 PM

I run a linux server and its been running fine, but, I redid the modinfo.json to remove uppercase just in case. :-)

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