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Category: #Utility
Author: Melchior
Side: Client
Created: Nov 9th at 10:41 PM
Last modified: Nov 9th at 10:50 PM
Downloads: 37

Ever wanted to make a copy of your constructions, or mabey appreciate that neat statue offline? (YES Chisels are cloned)

This mod; does just that - it makes WorldEdit compatible exports; from any game mode, Singleplayer OR Multiplayer.

Its a basic GUI-less, client-side command; invoked like so (from a chat line)


This expects some command parameters; like

mark start
mark end
mark start x+1
mark end y-1
mark start z+20
mark clear
save {NAME}

Exporting a area needs the START & END positions set - at least 1 apart. START is set to where the player's feet (standing) should be, as is the END.(Yes, that is completely arbitrary...but makes my life easier!)

If you don't like how your selected region looks ; you can adjust the start OR end postion X / Y / Z  by adding or subtracting an offset, always a integer number ( Y+3 ), with no spaces.

Or if you mess up the selection - just use 'mark clear'.

Also there is a special purpose item & block list/dumping command...(mostly for modder / developer use)

dump blocks/items

{domain} - code optional; but used to filter for certain mods - or just stock-vs only content...

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.7 37 Nov 9th at 10:50 PM Show

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1618, Nov 11th at 2:20 AM

In theory, could someone copy their entire building, and make it a mod for others to load into their own games? (like from the aura fury for example).

Having community made buildings would be next level.

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