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Author: SpearAndFang
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Created: Feb 14th
Last modified: Jul 12th
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Here's the thing - I'm a huge fan of Vintage Story and especially its wilderness survival mode. I also have a keen interest in real life primitive survival. This mod is my attempt to meld the two to provide you with a more realistic early game experience, and is largely inspired by extreme survival shows like Naked & Afraid.   Primitive Survival also adds some new end-game type elements to entertain you later in the game.

Note: A huge THANKS goes out to @Unclesid for providing a few real cool fish for this mod!

Documentation on the VS Forums, here:


"This is seriously the best mod for this game there is. It's so amazing that I hope it all gets integrated into the base game to some degree, because I couldn't imagine playing without it at this point. The functionality is superb." - l33tmaan

"You're kicking @$$ with this mod brother. Best one I've played so far. Looking forward to what else you have planned!"
 - PapaCheddar

"I'm pretty sure your mod is my favorite out of all of the mods I've used so far (if I had to lose all but one mod, I'd probably keep this one). It's very near perfect in terms of what I enjoy in mods like these (it creates new gameplay options, offers immersive ways of doing things, and is not overly complicated)." - Ariel

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v2.6.2 538 Jul 12th Show
v2.6.1 113 Jul 9th Show
v2.5.6 2464 Mar 13th Show
v2.5.5 269 Mar 1st Show
v2.5.4 194 Feb 16th Show
v2.5.3 91 Feb 14th Show


SpearAndFang, Jul 12th

WHOOPS!  That's my bad.  Sorry!  When I was doing some final testing of slippery fish on a trotline/limb line, I had it set to 100% slippery.  And then I promptly forgot to change it back. I've fixed it and posted a new version (v2.6.2) on the ModDB.

Robson, Jul 11th

Ahhhhh. ok that makes sense. I just assumed it was a bug since it never happened to the fish traps i was using. only the hook and line.

Thanks for the info. missed that on the changelog

Lisabet, Jul 11th

I think what you're coming across is slippery fish; check the changelog :)

New: Slippery fish are back, but a lot less slippery. If they land in water, they will immediately escape and replete the chunk.

Robson, Jul 10th

I am having an issue with grabbing fish off a fishhook on a line. as i grab them they dissapear. I am assuming they are getting snapped up by the new repletion system before i can even get it into my inventory. any ideas?

SpearAndFang, May 23rd

A new release is ready to go, but hasn't been tested.  Testing and releasing is a big job, so I'm waiting until the next VS game release before doing so (which I think will be in less than a week).  Sorry!

Verlia, May 19th

Any chances on this updating to latest version?

Juliusvanvern, Apr 30th

To learn more about this Mod, check my Video: 


l33tmaan, Apr 12th

@Shardas No, it doesn't affect anything. Just use bone hooks.

Shardas, Apr 12th

Does the metal/tier of the fishing hook and lure affect the chances of a fish being caught? Like bronze has an extra 20% to catch a catfish than a copper hook and lure? This wasn't something I saw explained on the forum page. I think it does otherwise why would you make metal hooks instead of flint or bone right?

SpearAndFang, Mar 23rd

Thanks Ketrai!

1.  Yeah, I've added a lot of things as bait, but fish isn't one of them. EDIT: Fish fillets will be a vaild bait type in the next release.

2.  The spoilage starts when the fish is first caught, so I think you'll need to remove them from the traps sooner to prevent that.

Ketrai, Mar 21st

Hey, great mod. Couple issues though.

1. Can't use fish meat as bait to catch fish. 

2. Fish stew is immediately spoiling when made, contrary to normal stew, which lasts several days.

SpearAndFang, Mar 19th

Thanks Arbotell!
It was 100% not my intention for the raft to move that fast.  I'm going to try and reign that in, or at the very least make the speed configurable in the next release.  I've seen it in action on a few Twitch streams and I'm both embarrased and highly amused by how fast it goes.

Arbotell, Mar 18th


Love the mod, however the raft seems to be incredibly fast!

VS 1.14.8, loads of mods.

However, on my world I have walk speed set to "slightly faster", so I think that may be the cause. I believe the raft speed may be adding multiplicative to the base walk speed, rather than additive, but i'm not a programmer :(

SpearAndFang, Mar 1st

Gee thanks Theisgood!  I hear you about adding more info, but leaving some things a mystery adds a bit of realism to the game.  Having said that, between the forum documentation and the in-game quick start guide (in the handbook), I believe that this is the most thoroughly documented mod for Vintage Story.

Theisgood, Feb 28th

You should add more info on the items :). Like do the different spikes do more damage like copper being the lowest?

Mod is great though! My goodness it added way more then I thought it did.

Genius just genius this games modding community.

SpearAndFang, Feb 14th

New version released Mar 1, 2021

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