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Author: Vinter_Nacht
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Created: Oct 9th at 11:46 PM
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Mod Only Suited To Play With 30 Day Months

This mod increases animal gestation and growth times to mirror real-life growth times. This changes some elements of the farming and survival game to require planning out your crops more efficiently throughout the year.  Hives only swarm in the Spring and take longer to become harvestable (Expect only 2-3 harvests per bee season). 

Cattail and Papyrus roots can now be split in half to expand crops. A new stage of cattail/papyrus added "Growing". In the growing stage breaking the crop will get you nothing back. Tooltip informs of this. During the 'harvested' stage you'll get back a root. Normal gets you the normal drops. Split roots can be cooked or harvested, and will rot into half as much rot as normally cooked roots.

Currently, only hives can have their growth time configured.

Note: All grains have had their seed drops disabled, and that amount added into their grain drops. Grain now functions as a seed, but cannot be eaten raw.

Default Growth Times In This Mod Are:


  • From Growing to Harvested - 22 days
  • From Harvested to Normal - 22 days


  • 1488 hours -> 62 Days

Berry Bushes

  • Empty to Flower - 62 days
  • Flower to Berry - 100 days
  • Berry to Empty - 14 days


  • 45 days


  • Amaranth: 84 days
  • Bellpepper: 84 days
  • Cabbage: 70 days
  • Cassava: 540 days (Cassava takes a ridiculously long time to become harvestable)
  • Flax: 110 days
  • Onion: 100 days
  • Parsnip: 90 days
  • Peanut: 120 days
  • Pineapple: 485 days (Can confirm, have Pineapples in my yard)
  • Pumpkin: 90 days (Some concern over how well this works)
  • Rice: 120 days
  • Rye: 120 days
  • Soybean: 65 days
  • Spelt: 110 days
  • Sunflower: 90 days
  • Turnip: 40 days (this stuff grows FAST RL)


  • Aurochs (With Medieval Expansion)
    • To Adult 17520 hours (two years)
    • Pregnancy - 284 days
  • Chickens
    • Chick to Pullet - 2016 hours (84 days)
    • Pullet to Adult - 6742 hours (280 days)
    • Time to Lay - 50 seconds
    • Incubation Time - 21 days
  • Dogs (With Farm Life)
    • Pregnancy - 63 Days
    • To Adult - 547 days
  • Foxes
    • Pup to adult - 8760 hours (one year)
    • Pregnancy - 52 days
  • Hare
    • Pregnancy - 30 days
    • To Adult - 8760 hours (365 days)
  • Hyenas
    • To Adult - 17520 hours (2 years)
  • Pigs
    • Pregnancy - 115 days
    • To Adult - 4380 hours (6 months-ish)
  • Raccoon (Raccoons do not bear young in VS, they just multiply)
    • To Adult - 7200 hours
  • Sheep
    • Pregnancy - 180 days
    • To Adult - 4320 hours
  • Wolf (As Raccoons)
    • To Adult - 8760 hours


  • Did you decrease hunger or increase crop yield to compensate? -  No.  The intent was to require larger farms and bring crop growth in line with a  more realish standard. 

Future editions will have configuration files to allow users to adjust the yields to their desires.  When that happens, the base settings will have harsher drops for grains in particular. They're too high at the moment in most cases.  Rye, for instance, drops between 2-4 grain per harvest.  1-2 would be far more in line with modern farming values. Some other changes may be considered for this.



  • Wildcraft
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Farmlife

Upcoming Features:

  • Different bloom and harvest periods by berry type
  • Seasonal growth for mushrooms
  • Recalibrated Lactation Periods for Sheep/Aurochs
    • Increase amount of time that animals are lactating
    • Increase intervals between being milkable
  • Starvation Mechanic For Animals
  • Configuration for Berries
  • Configuration to add a base multiplier to crop growth times based on Days per month/Hours per day
  • Configurable swarming seasons for bees
  • Configurable time between swarms for bees
  • (?) Creation of 'handfuls of grain' as a way of splitting a grain item.
    • The yield would be 2-3 handfuls of grain per regular grain.
    • Handfuls of grain will be used for planting, as well as replacing grain in cookpot recipes.
      • Intended result -> More uses of grain for mixed meals, while retaining one (whole) grain per flour standard.
  • Fertilization regen time adjusted to match growth times



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.6 18 3 days ago Show
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v1.1.3 46 Oct 9th at 11:48 PM Show

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Vinter_Nacht, 4 days ago

Found and corrected(?) issue causing crops to drop crop-blocks at mid-growth stages, and updated it to ensure seeds only drop at stage one (seeds), or the last growth stage (yield+seeds in appropriate crops)

Vinter_Nacht, 5 days ago

Will look into it, as that's weird as hell. However, it also highlights an issue with the description of the mod.  You shouldn't have a chance of getting seeds when breaking partially grown crops with Fields of Gold. You can get them back during the first stage (maybe), or when mature. At all stages in between it shouldn't drop anything... ESPECIALLY not a partially grown crop block. XD


Rorax, 5 days ago

Partially grown crops are dropping the partially grown block when broken rather than the expected behavior of possibly dropping seeds. This is particularly apparent with wild crops. 

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