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Author: Vinter_Nacht
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Created: Oct 1st at 2:19 PM
Last modified: Oct 2nd at 12:37 AM
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From Golden Combs

An Apiculture Mod By Aetherial Labs

Author: Vinter_Nacht, Texture Artist: AnxietyPealope


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From Golden Combs introduces a new step (somewhat sideways) in the apiculture progression in the game.  No more need you be troubled by constantly replacing your skeps after harvesting them, or dealing with angry bees.  The clay pot hive consists of two components, the Brood Pot, and the Honey Pot. (Just called Clay pot Hive and Hive Top in the mod for now).  Both components are made using clay forming and then fired in the pit kiln.  After firing them you can easily pick up the honey pot, but the brood pot will require an empty bag slot.

Once you have your new brood pot placed, you can move a colony in by right-clicking it with a populated skep.  Be sure to keep one populated skep for creating new colonies though! The Clay Pot hive doesn't spread to other hives like a populated skep. However, you also don't need to destroy it to harvest it!  Once you place the honey pot on top of the hive and get the hive population over poor (just place flowers around it like with any hive) they'll start working on your next harvest.

Once the wax ring appears, take the top off and place it somewhere stable, and use a knife on it (right-click it) to harvest the honeycomb!  Now you have a nice empty honey pot you can place back on top of your perfectly safe hive.

So long as it doesn't have a honey pot on it, you can pick up and move brood pots with and without bee colonies in it. Just pick them up in an empty bag slot.



Current Features:

  • Clay forming recipes for honey pot and brood pot
  • Ability to place colonies in the brood pot using a populated skep
  • Repeatable harvest by emptying the honey pot with a knife, and returning it to the honey pot
  • Movable brood pots, both with and without a bee colony

Anticipated Development:

      In the works:

  • Langstroth Hives - Multi-box hives for larger harvests that occasionally produce new queens you can transfer to another hive
  • Fire Clay/Blue Clay variants for clay pot hives
  • Varietal Honey (New honey types based on the type of flowers they're feeding on. I'll leave implementations for those varietal honeys to other modders, or a later mod)


  • Overhaul of vanilla bee mechanics including new bee species with different temperature tolerances, flower preferences, and attitudes (some are stingier than others, even in domestic hives)
  • Advanced hive maintenance concerns (Hive temperature, humidity, populations, disease, hive collapse, swarming, etc.)


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v1.0.0 207 Oct 2nd at 12:37 AM Show

12 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Vinter_Nacht, 6 minutes ago

Hmmm. I may have to get a second set of eyes on the code. Either I encountered that problem and fixed it already, or it's not being replicatable.

Abed, 3 hours ago

Vinter_Nacht After more closely watching, it seems that if I have honey in my hotbar, it could turn into a false pot. However, it doesn't seem to matter which pot I choose, after restarting the game the real pot is whichever one I did not return to the hive.

Vinter_Nacht, 2 days ago

I'll look into it for the next update.  How consistently does this happen? Are there any other factors in play you can think of? 


Abed, 2 days ago

Sometimes after I harvest the honey from a pot, the pot becomes duplicated while entering my inventory (one remains on a table and the other enters my inventory). The duplicated pot will not produce honey and disappears after restarting the game. I'm using the most current version.

Vinter_Nacht, 5 days ago

Concept piece for potential additional content.
Shelves on which you can store your brood box/pot if you so choose. Each shelf could hold up to two brood box/pots, or one of each.

Note that both wooden and clay brood box tops would be made somewhat smaller than they currently are (clay pots) or currently shown (brood boxes) to ensure they would logically fit on the shelves.

I would take some steps to ensure that they could hold items other than just brood boxes/pots.

Vinter_Nacht, 5 days ago

Hope progress updates aren't getting annoying, but I'm excited to show the work progressing.

Vinter_Nacht, 6 days ago

That's accurate for the released edition. It shouldn't be far off from what skeps can drop.

Abed, 6 days ago

Thanks for your mod. I have a question: When I harvest the honey, I randomly get between 1 and 4 honey combs - is this intended behaviour?

Vinter_Nacht, Oct 15th at 5:53 PM

Ongoing progress.  Working on the stacks you'll be able to store supers in until you're ready to harvest them or put them back in the hive.

Vinter_Nacht, Oct 12th at 1:35 AM


Today's labors.  The Langstroth Cometh

Vinter_Nacht, Oct 11th at 5:25 PM

Started work on adding the Langstroth hives.  This may end up being the labor of days, or weeks, depending on complexity.  Primary focus right now is interaction with the block itself, IE - Adding and removing the top, and the internal frames.

Vinter_Nacht, Oct 10th at 12:41 AM

So folks should be aware that the release of the Langstroth hive is bound to be delayed a little. I've learned that there will be a tool introduced for modding in 1.16 that will make developing multi-block structures much easier.  However, I may have a single block high (Think base, super, and brood box only) released before then.

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