Mods / Human-Like Skin for Seraphs

Category: #Graphics
Author: Yew
Side: Client
Created: Sep 20th at 12:11 AM
Last modified: Sep 20th at 12:27 AM
Downloads: 266

Don't like how Seraphs (Players) look? Want a more "realistic" experience? Well then this small texture mod is for yew!

What the mod doin':

This mod simply replaces all the textures for players (Seraphs) with ones based off real human skintones (Mine and some friend's skintones to be exact). This mod does not touch eye color or hair color, as I feel they look fine as they are on the new skin textures.

If you want to take some cool screenshots using this mod and send them to me to put on this modpage feel free too!
or you know... just put them in the comments.


...and that's about it, this is just a texture mod lol. I dunno what else to put here.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.0.1 266 Sep 20th at 12:27 AM Show

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RussellL360, Sep 21st at 9:48 AM

I would imagine ( I have Zero evidence mind you ) that the not human colour palatte was an attempt to be... well, not human. Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Hobbit etc in that other fantasy world and in this one Seraph, Drifter and those dang jumping gangs with the glowing butts.

... and yes, cool mod, thank you :)

l33tmaan, Sep 20th at 5:37 PM

Thanks, I always thought it was weird that I could make some crazy-colored seraph, or... just a white guy. Seemed like an odd decision.

Wandour, Sep 20th at 5:22 PM


I was really confused about why they chose such strange skin colors and eye colors its just don't work together and looks ugly

XMT, Sep 20th at 2:04 AM

Yew bloody ripper! Excellent work.
The "vanilla" skin tones have been horrid in their available colours. You really only have a few to pick from without feeling inhuman. The only saving grace is that they helped justify the lack of a drowning mechanic. Clearly, I'm Merfolk.

Now I can feel like a human again.

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