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Category: #Utility
Author: Th3Dilli
Side: Server
Created: Sep 11th
Last modified: 3 days ago
Downloads: 62


  • Discord integration (send messages from game to discord and back, Ingame-GenralChat to one specific Discord-channel, customizable color) [on/off]
    • restart / death / join / temporal messages are send to discord 
    • discord slashcommands for restart-time , ingame time and online players
    • display playercount in the activity of the bot
    • display discord mentions (user/channel/role) correctly
  • Shutdown - Set a time when the server should shutdown (starting of the server needs to be handled externally!!!) [on/off]
    • additionally warns the players about the restart x min befor restart
  • Add homepoints to teleport to, limited by a configurable cooldown [on/off]
  • starterkit - add a starterkit to be used only once (can be reset) [on/off]
    • starterkit can be set ingame by an admin
  • /spawn command to teleport to spawn also respecting cooldown [on/off]
  • /back command to teleport back to previous postion (/home or death) [on/off]
  • Announcements messages (a list of messages that are send in an configurable interval) [on/off]
  • /msg playername - to send private messages ingame (customizable color) [on/off]


Discord Slashcommands:

  • /players - Get a list of online players
  • /date - Get the current ingame date and time
  • /restart - Show time until next restart
  • /setchannel - Set the channel to send to/from ingame chat [Admin]
  • /whitelist - Change the whitelist status of a player (also the time duration is customizable) [Admin]
  • /allowcharselonce - Allows the player to re-select their class after doing so already [Admin]


For install instructions see the readme at the repository 



bluelightning32 - for the Temporal messages Logscraping

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.3 11 3 days ago Show
v1.0.2 17 Sep 16th Show
v1.0.1 14 Sep 16th Show
v1.0.0 20 Sep 14th Show


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