Mods / Rope Bucket Handles

Category: #Utility #Crafting
Author: Jobediah
Side: Both
Created: Feb 18th at 4:30 AM
Last modified: Feb 18th at 4:30 AM
Downloads: 590

Another very simple mod that adds another recipe for Wooden Buckets, allowing you to use Rope instead of the much rarer Flax Twine. Not sure if this was left out as a means of adding a little difficulty, but it doesn't make much sense to not be available. If anything, in the real world you'd expect to need Rope because Twine wouldn't be strong enough. 

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v1.0.0 590 Feb 18th at 4:30 AM Show

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Stargazer, May 13th at 2:16 PM

Thank you for this :)

Would you consider making a Clay Bucket recipe? That would be so cool.

Craluminum, Mar 12th at 11:17 AM

Maybe it was for balance reasons, but who cares🤔

LOVEINJECTION, Feb 27th at 6:46 PM

i agree that rope suits this recipe more than twine.



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