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Category: #QoL #Tweak
Author: Zach2039
Side: Server
Created: May 10th at 7:34 AM
Last modified: 2 days ago
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Gimme One Seed Plz

A server-side mod that preserves your sanity when looking for tree seeds from your favorite trees; trees will always drop at least one seed when felled.


Changes include:

  • Trees always drop at least one seed when felling with an axe... That's it. That's the mod.

  • Fixes a bug in vanilla related to Crimson Maple leaves not being counted as leaves during tree felling.


  • Should be compatibile with Wildcraft Trees, and any other mod that uses "treeseed-{wood}" as an item for their trees.

Config Settings (VintageStoryData/ModConfig/GimmeOneSeedPlz.json)

  • PatchVanillaItemAxeOnBlockBrokenWith: Enables or disables harmony patch that adds seed drop to vanilla axes (or modded axes that extend ItemAxe); defaults to true.

  • PatchToolworksCollectibleBehaviorFellingOnBlockBrokenWith: Enables or disables harmony patch that adds seed drop to Toolwork's axes; defaults to true.

  • GuaranteedTreeSeedsOnFelledCount: How many tree seeds to drop from a felled tree; defaults to 1.

  • MinRequiredBlocksBrokenOnFullFellCount: How many blocks need to be broken to spawn a tree seed if the whole tree was felled; defaults to 3.

  • MinRequiredBlocksBrokenOnPartialFellCount: How many blocks need to be broken to spawn a tree seed if the whole tree is not felled; defaults to 35.

Future Plans

  • None, atm.

Known Issues

  • None, atm.


  • Note that trees of less than MinRequiredBlocksBrokenOnFullFellCount blocks will not drop seeds still, even if fully felled.

  • If a tree is partially cut down, it will only drop a seed if the total number of blocks broken is greater than MinRequiredBlocksBrokenOnPartialFellCount.

  • Cool modding fact: This mod was made for my wife. She hates cutting trees and getting nothing for it.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.3 155 2 days ago Show Install now
v1.0.2 199 5 days ago Show Install now
v1.0.1 515 May 11th at 12:41 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 107 May 10th at 8:44 AM Show Install now

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💬 Zach2039Author, 2 days ago


Try v1.0.3 instead, if you would. I fixed the log seed search fallback that wasn't happening properly. Plus, there is a fix for wildcraft tree compat.

💬 Janeator, 4 days ago

Thank you! I'll test it out.

💬 Zach2039Author, 5 days ago


Fixed with v1.0.2; fix also includes a patch to vanilla crimson maple leaves that will make them drop when tree felling now too.

💬 Zach2039Author, 5 days ago


Forgot that crimson maple uses maple wood as a trunk. Let me see if I can fix it by changing up how seed finding works.

💬 Janeator, 5 days ago

Crimson Maple drops Maple seed :(

💬 yapludepatte, 6 days ago

i miss my ebony trees ;-;

💬 DUCATISLO, May 15th at 4:45 PM


💬 Rasvangr, May 12th at 1:33 AM


💬 grunge_forever, May 12th at 1:23 AM

i suggested this in the discord server forum last night! thank you!

💬 Zach2039Author, May 11th at 7:48 PM


This directly affects the felling process of the tree, no changes are made to tree leaf seed drops like Whole Lotta Tree Seeds; they should be compatible.

💬 Wigglestick, May 11th at 5:18 PM

Your pointing man graphic is great.

💬 Aeonsteel, May 11th at 2:08 PM

Is this compatible with Whole Lotta Tree Seeds?

💬 tRead, May 11th at 2:10 AM

Cool fact: Tyron's wife begged for a butterfly mod for Minecraft, which eventually led to the 200+ variants in Vintage Story.
Tis a slippery slope, my dude.

Just kidding; thanks for the mod contribution!  Many will appreciate this specific tweak.

💬 OmegaHaxors, May 11th at 12:55 AM

Good compromise between shears being a seed printer and getting f---all for seeds if you use an axe.

💬 NessaTheFox, May 10th at 10:47 PM

Thank you and your wife! Saving my sanity one tree at a time :3

💬 MadGnome, May 10th at 2:14 PM

Be sure to send our thanks to your wife for inspiring this mod's creation for the rest of us to use!

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