Mods / Th3Restock - restock your current used hotbar slot

Category: #QoL #Utility
Author: Th3Dilli
Side: Both
Created: Aug 30th
Last modified: Aug 30th
Downloads: 75

This mod adds the ability to restock your current hotbar slot. You can either do it manually by pressing the Hotkey (Default: R, can be changend in the Setting > Controls) or automatically for blocks.
The mod adds two commands:
/autorestock [true/false]

The autorestock feature is enabled by default.

Internally the /restock command is called when you press the Hotkey (Default: R) or when placing block and stacksize reaches one block.


When building and the current stack reaches one block it will refill from hotbar and backpack. This automatic restock can be disabled with this command.
/autorestock false​



When pressing the Hotkey (Default: R) blocks/items will restock into current active hotbar slot

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 75 Aug 30th Show


Th3Dilli, Sep 10th

I will look further into it but when i made the mode i couldnt do it as easy like with blocks unfortunatlly

Travisplo, Sep 8th

Is there any chance that this could also be modified so that it works with Firewood as well? Restock when the stack hits 8 or something?

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