Mods / Foundry- large scale ingot casting!

Category: #Crafting #QoL #Storage #Technology
Author: Mr1k3
Side: Both
Created: Aug 24th at 6:09 AM
Last modified: Aug 24th at 6:13 AM
Downloads: 585

Adds a new type of ingot mold called the "foundry" it comes in two sizes one can solidify 24 ingots at once and the other does 12 at once.

The foundry must be filled completely for you to receive the ingots when they cool, otherwise it just holds the amount poured into it until you eventually fill it all the way.

Got annoyed with having to make a billion ingot molds and having to find the space for all of them so here's the solution!

Would need some fancy modification to base code to have partial outputs which I am unable to do. Also I would like to have faster cooling speed with mechanical power but again I am limited with my abilities for now, if you'd like to contribute I'd really appreciate it.


Made with any tool-tier metal- bronze, iron, steel:


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v1.0.0 585 Aug 24th at 6:13 AM Show

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