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Author: BillyGalbreath
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Created: Mar 15th at 12:31 AM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install



This is a work in progress mod. It is far from being ready. I'm posting it up now so I can get some early feedback.

This is not released. It's not in beta, or even alpha. This is extremely early dev access for testing only.




Check out my server's map for a live example at





  • drop the "" into your "Mods" directory
    • or any other directory you set your server up to load mods from
  • start (or restart) your server up
    • pay attention to any errors that may happen on startup. most common one is port already in use.
  • examine and edit the "livemap.yml" config file in your "ModConfig" directory
    • Note that the Zoom settings currently do not work
  • an admin must run the colormap command at least once from their client
    • .livemap colormap
  • an admin can now do a fullrender using the server command from the client or server
    • /livemap fullrender
  • wait. this might take awhile depdning on how big your world is. you can enable debug in the config
    • note: a fullrender may lag your server a bit while it's in progress. this is only temporary and will end when the fullrender finally finishes
  • after this the map will automatically re-render regions that have changed when the world saves
    • these auto renders should not cause any lag
  • the map will be viewable at your server's url/ip at the port specified in the config
    • you can setup your own reverse proxy to remove the port or add https support





  • better snow ignoring
  • more optimizations
  • add more zoom levels
  • easy customizable settings
  • player markers
  • claim markers
  • translocator markers
  • trader markers
  • custom markers api
  • custom markers command
  • api for custom renders 
    • basic (colored)
    • medieval (sepia)
  • progress report of renders
  • lots of other things i can't think of at the moment of writing this




Remember, I build these mods for myself and my family. Not you. I owe you nothing. I just like sharing what I've built with others for free. You will receive minimal to no support when using any of my mods.



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.4 52 4 days ago Show Install now
v0.0.3 81 Apr 2nd at 2:09 PM Show Install now
v0.0.2 17 Apr 2nd at 12:05 PM Show Install now
v0.0.1 51 Mar 31st at 11:38 AM Show Install now

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💬 Carolusclen, 12 hours ago

hey, amazing idea and I will really like to get this to work.

I have followed everything, and it creates all the needed files and such.
the part I am stuck on is a few things

1) portforward does not want to work for some reason, but localhost on the server works fine. (I will deal with this but thought Id mention it) could be something stupid I have done
2) when I go to the page, its not black like someone else mentioned. its a weird dark blue color. textured color.
although the map has finished generating and I have done it a few times, the map itself does not want to load the terrain.
I have also set up a different web server (wamp) and that does the same thing, page loads the blue textured background with no terrain.

is this something I am doing wrong? any ideas?

Thanks for the mod and help when\if you have a chance :D

💬 BillyGalbreathAuthor, 6 days ago


Everything should be working fine for you. Unfortunately, the security concerns for some operating systems is outside the scope of this project. There are many workarounds for it, such as running VS in admin mode, or allowing the url in netsh, etc. My recommendation for anyone experiencing issues with the built in web server if to run their own 3rd party server, like Apache, Nginx, or Caddy. The built in web server is really only provided as a convenience for those that it is able to work for. My personal setup is running the built in web server on Linux os, so there were no security concerns there. I also have an Apache server running in front of it, which is allowing me to reverse proxy a secure HTTPS address on port 443 to the private HTTP port of the built in server. You honestly don't even need to run the built in web server, which is hy there is an option to turn it off in the config. All you have to do is point your 3rd party web server to the web directory the mod installed. This sounds like the best option for you since you are using Windows os. I hope to have some instructions and examples about all this up on the wiki eventually.

As for the black screen, this is normal until you have fully run a fullrender on the world. The data to make the map is rather heavy to process, so it doesnt do the whole thing on it's own. Depending on your map size it could take a few seconds up to a few hours. To give you an idea, my server linked above does a fullrender in about 20 minutes. Currently there is no output to the console/log/game about the progress of the fullrender, other than some debug output which you can enable in the livemap.yml config file.

💬 Jade1, 6 days ago

Line 44 in webserver.cs - doesn't that need to allow for localhost and a secure domain? Like I think need to add https too in case someone runs it on a public secure domain? Anyway, atm, I'm trying to get Windows 10 firewall to allow this to execute and this line is the failure point in SP mode. FWIW, this discusses the pain point

Following the suggestion in the SO post, when I run VS game in admin mode after having opened port localhost:8080 a map interface appears. However, all I see is a blank (black) map that says Vintage Story LiveMap in the bottom right. Unfortunately, the map isn't updating or getting populated with data from the game instance.

I wish you well with this endeavor. It will be a fun tool once it is all working. :)

💬 LittleJoe, Apr 2nd at 9:15 PM

Very excited to see where this goes! I started looking into making a map site with leaflet, but imho, interfacing with the game is the harder part and is a bit too complicated for my current understanding of C#, lol... 

💬 Ernie, Apr 1st at 4:21 PM

Wow that looks amazing!  Can't wait to try it.

💬 RogueRaiden, Mar 31st at 3:26 PM

heck yeah, dude

💬 MadGnome, Mar 31st at 2:00 PM

Billy, this looks amazing man!  Watching your progress with this very eagerly

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