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Category: #Tweak #Worldgen
Author: RedPine
Side: Both
Created: Aug 4th 2021 at 6:45 PM
Last modified: Mar 18th at 12:49 PM
Downloads: 296
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Removes Traders from worldgen.  No traders and no trading wagons will appear.  This makes things a bit harder in the beginning - and much lonelier.  Has no impact on traders already spawned in existing games, this only impacts world generation.


It works by deleting the 23rd item in structures.json 3 times.  The first time it does this, it will delete Traders, the second time it will delete the next item (as that next item is now the 23rd item), then the third time it will delete the last variant of traders.  Anything that changes the number of items in structures.json or alters their order will cause this mod to delete the wrong thing.  Worst case scenario, translocators get deleted instead of traders.

I'm not very active, so if anyone wants to update or improve this mod in any way, feel free to do so.  It would be nice if it were a little more robust against future updates. 

Credit welcome but undeserved as this is 3 lines of code written with the help of the discord community.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.0 81 Mar 18th at 12:49 PM Show
v1.0.0 214 Aug 4th 2021 at 6:47 PM Show

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💬 Dythanos, Mar 18th at 4:05 PM

So this doesn't happen again, why don't you patch the "chance" value to 0.0 instead of deleting the whole structure?


Just a suggestion.

💬 RedPine, Mar 18th at 12:52 PM

Welp, in 1.16.4 exactly what I feared happened:  The mod was deleting buried treasure chests instead of traders, due to two new entries being added to the structures worlden file.  Fixed! 

If this mod breaks in the future, you can fix it yourself by finding out how many entries there are and which ones contain traders.  You can find the filepath in the readme, if it isn't clear from the mod itself.

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