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Author: Nateonus
Side: Both
Created: Feb 12th at 12:02 AM
Last modified: Feb 12th at 12:02 AM
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This is, rather simply, the long-term nutrition progression stuff from my other mod, Survival Expanded. Credit to HumbleBolt for the request.

  • Players have a set of 5 new stats in the game that each tie in with a nutrition category.
  • To increase a stat, the specific nutrition category must remain at more than 1000 for 24 hours.
  • If a nutrition category falls behind 1000, the stat will decrease at a rapid rate.
  • Agility
    • Increased by maintaining a high fruit nutrition.
    • Increases movement and ranged weapons speeds.
  • Vitality
    • Increased by maintaining a high vegetable nutrition.
    • Controls the health gain from having high nutrition levels.
  • Digestion
    • Increased by maintaining a high grain nutrition.
    • Reduces hunger rate.
  • Strength
    • Increased by maintaining a high protein nutrition.
    • Significantly increases mining speed.
  • Constitution
    • Increased by maintaining a high dairy nutrition.
    • Currently has no effect, but later will increase resistance to all effect and maybe grant natural defense.
  • Stats are listed within the character menu.

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3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Moonbyes, Feb 14th at 11:10 AM

It works well in 1.19.3!

💬 Eggie, Feb 12th at 8:04 PM

@Moonbyes did it work? I'm thinking of adding it to my 1.19 world, but I want to make sure it works first.

💬 Moonbyes, Feb 12th at 4:19 AM

oh this looks lovely. i've been looking for a mod that slightly expands upon the food categories, because they seem to be there for no reason. i know it's listed for 1.18, but i'll give it a try in 1.19.

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